Hyundai i20 Elite “wears” cow dung to … resist heat and decoration

Summer has come that many people think again of the methods of preventing heat for their cars. Some people use canvas to cover the outside, buy an umbrella or put a film against the heat. However, some people living in India choose cow dung as a method of preventing heat for cars. The owner of the vehicle Hyundai i20 Elite plastered beef manure In this article is a typical example. Recently, on social networks appeared the image of a Hyundai i20 Elite car covered with cow dung on the outside.These images were taken in a car park in the town of Tirumala, Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Known, pcs Cheap Hyundai i20 Elite This cow dung was owned by a man from Karnataka state. It is not clear why this person decided to spread cow dung on his car. However, most people believe that the purpose of this is to prevent the heat during the summer.This is not the first car to be covered with cow dung to prevent heat. Previously, there was a domestic SUV under the Mahindra XUV 500 brand name in Pune, Maharashtra state, was also applied the same method. According to Mr. Navnath Dudhal – owner of the Mahindra XUV 500, the cow dung makes the interior of the car 5-7 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Mr. Dudhal has spread three layers of cow dung on his SUV.There is even a doctor in the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra state, using a Toyota Innova. spread cow dung to make flower carts in her daughter’s wedding. He wanted to promote the use of cow manure and said that his daughter’s wedding was a better opportunity. This doctor also believes that cow dung can cure cancer and eliminate all other diseases in the human body.Despite the unpleasant smell, the woman still spread cow dung around her Toyota Corolla AltisIn some villages in India, people have used cow dung on the walls of their houses to prevent heat. However, there is no scientific evidence that cow manure can help a car’s interior cooler.Just found that, spilling cow dung on the body of a car can damage the exterior layer. If it rains, cow dung can flow down the steering wheel, causing the driver’s vision to be lost and dangerous. That is not to mention cow manure can flow into the engine compartment, damage the engine and difficult to cleanVideo: Detail Hyundai i20 Elite 2021 new generation.


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