Hycan Z03 – Compact electric SUV for young people, only from 473 million

Chinese electric vehicle startup Hycan has launched its second model, the Z03. This brand was established in 2018 as a joint venture between GAC and NIO. While NIO models are being built by JAC, GAC will be responsible for manufacturing the Hycan. New Hycan Z03 2021 there are all 3 versions, with prices ranging from 132,800 – 168,800 yuan (equivalent to 473 – 601 million VND).Face China’s Hycan Z03 adopt a youthful aesthetic design style, creating a fashionable and cutting-edge face by using many sharp lines. The front of the car applies a closed grille design, a design style favored by many electric cars today. It also features LED daytime running lights, combined with lens-matrix headlights on both sides, so the whole body looks very personal.The side of the car looks very full with the rounded door area, the veins under the window are so small that it is almost invisible. The new model also uses hidden door handles, two-tone bodywork, and sporty wheels, which are well suited to the contemporary youth aesthetic.As for the rear, the design is not complicated, but to match the front, it also installs LED lights, combined with a black rear spoiler and surrounding horizontal lines, creating visual effects. as if it were longer than inherently and clearly identifiable.Although the Hycan Z03’s positioning is a C-class compact SUV, its length, width, and height are 4602/1900/1645 mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750 mm. In addition, the new car is also equipped with 18-inch wheels.The interior of the car also has a simple layout, but full of technological features. With a relatively long wheelbase, the front seats can be folded down 180 degrees, combined with a large 14.6-inch central touch screen and a 10.25-inch LCD instrument cluster screen. The car has Hycan Pilot 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system installed and intelligent voice control system, along with many attractive entertainment and entertainment features.Two versions Hycan Z03 Cool Play and Cool Smart equipped with an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 181 horsepower and 225 Nm of maximum torque. The high-performance Z Cool version will have an electric motor with a capacity of 215 horsepower and 225 Nm of maximum torque.The manufacturer provides two battery packs of 64.6 kWh and 76.8 kWh, respectively, with a travel distance of 500 km and 600 km according to NEDC.Video: Details Hycan Z03 – Compact electric SUV for young people.


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