How to pay traffic violation penalty online

The Government Office announced to integrate 6 additional services to provide people and businesses on the National Public Service Portal, including paying fines for administrative violations in the field of road traffic. To pay fines for administrative violations online, people nationwide need to visit the website of the National Public Service Portal ( to pay the fine.

After accessing the website successfully, those who want to pay hover penalty on the “Online payment” section will see 5 choices, including “Lookup / Payment for traffic violations“. Next, the person who wants to pay the fine just needs to click on the option “Lookup / Pay for the traffic violation” and will be redirected to the page to submit information about the online traffic violation penalty. Or visit the link (

When “error” is violated gaio thong, people can pay fines online on the National Public Service Portal (

At the page look up traffic violations Just been directed to, the person who wants to pay a fine has 2 forms of searching: by the number of the penalty decision or according to the violation record.

It takes 7 days for the system to update the penalty decision. After 7 days after receiving the sanctioning decision, people enter the number of the administrative violation record; date of violation; First and last name will figure out the decision, the amount of the penalty. Then perform the steps to pay through the bank / payment center, receive the receipt.

Traffic police base on receipts of fines to return papers to people by mail. Thus, people do not have to go to the treasury, banks to pay money and go to the police headquarters to get their papers back, save costs and effort.

Before that from March 2020, work pay traffic violation fines Online piloting in Hanoi, HCMC, Da Nang, Hai Phong and Binh Thuan.


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