Hotel staff with Covid-19 have no symptoms of the disease

Related to the receptionist of Nhu Nguyet 2 Hotel (Yen Bai) expensive Covid-19 (BN2857), Dr. Le Thi Hong Van, Director of the Yen Bai Department of Health, has just said that this male patient has been strictly isolated from the first day of contact with the expert team, so there is no possibility of infection. out to the community.

Nhu Nguyet 2 Hotel (Yen Bai) – an isolated place where foreigners enter the country – Photo: Baoyenbai

After having positive results for SARS-CoV-2, the Department of Health organized transportation for treatment and isolation at Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2 by a specialized vehicle of Yen Provincial General Hospital. Bai. Authorities also perform cleaning, disinfection, collection and treatment of wastes in isolation rooms and related areas to ensure compliance with Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control procedures.

“There are 7 remaining Indians and 1 medical officer continuing to practice concentrated isolation at Nhu Nguyet 2 hotel. People should not be confused, worried and should continue to strictly implement preventive measures. and fight against epidemics as recommended by the Ministry of Health “- said Dr. Van.

Regarding the risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 variant for this patient, Dr. Nguyen Trung Cap, Deputy Director of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said that the hospital admitted male patients who were the above hotel staff. in a stable state of health, has not shown any symptoms of the disease. Whether or not the patient is infected with the variant SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been determined and has to wait for the results of genetic sequencing test of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

According to Doctor Level the most worrying problem today is that if people are subjective, the risk of an outbreak can completely occur. During an outbreak, the health system can be completely overwhelmed like India, making it difficult for care and treatment to meet actual needs.

Before that, on the evening of April 27, the Ministry of Health announced the 2857 case infected by a person who entered the quarantine place in Yen Bai, a 63-year-old male patient with an address in Yen Bai city, Yen Bai province. Hotel receptionist (Nhu Nguyet 2 hotel, Yen Bai city), patients with a history of epidemiology served daily in the quarantine area with an Indian expert who was quarantined at the hotel (previously recorded 4 schools Indian experts quarantined immediately after entry on April 18, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 at this hotel). This case has been strictly isolated from the first day of contact with the expert team at the hotel (April 18).

Failure to comply with quarantine rules could spread the epidemic

According to Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Dac Phu, Senior Advisor to the Center for Emergency Response to Public Health Events in Vietnam, although the Ministry of Health has had detailed and specific instructions on the strict implementation of the regulations. However, in our country, there is still a gap in the quarantine area when the quarantined person comes into contact with other objects or does not comply with the regulations during contact with the quarantine person.

For example, in the outbreaks in Da Nang, Hai Duong, we could not find the F0 (the first case) at all. Or a small outbreak originating from the Covid-19 case in the airline cabin crew isolation area at the end of November 2020. During home isolation, this patient did not comply with quarantine regulations to spread the disease to 3 other cases.

“We have learned lessons from the subjectivity, neglect, and loopholes in isolated areas, but in the current context, when translation in neighboring countries is complicated, Vietnam is still real. Currently, flights bring Vietnamese people back home as well as bring experts to work …, so if they do not strictly comply with the quarantine regulations, the epidemic can spread to the community “- Associate Professor Phu warned.

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