HOT: Roadmap of a prosecutor working with a Covid-19 patient

On the morning of December 31, a source said that a man working at the People’s Procuracy of a district in Ho Chi Minh City was conducting concentrated local isolation due to the patient’s F1 (BN) 1451.

This man is TH (54 years old, living in district 5). The contact level between Mr. H. and BN 1451 is close.

Before that, on the evening of December 24, Mr. H. went to Abu bar (32/10 Bong Sao, Ward 5, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City) to eat and talk to BN 1451. Morning 25-12, Mr. H. to work with a mask and keep distance from contact. After that, Mr. H. attended the online conference of the district where Mr. H. worked and did not interact with other people. After returning to the office, Mr. H. had contact and talk to keep distance with a woman named N. in his office.

On the afternoon of December 25, Mr. H. entered his office, entered the criminal room on the ground floor, did not talk to anyone. When he got home, Mr. H. met with his wife and two children. That same evening, he went to Abu’s and went home. At this time, Mr. H. did not have close contact with anyone.

On the evening of December 27, after the authorities officially announced the patient 1451, Mr. H. contacted the local medical center to make a medical report. The next morning (December 28), Mr. H. performed central isolation and was sampled to test for SARS-CoV-2. His wife and two children also followed the quarantine according to regulations.

In addition, Mr. H.’s daughter is NH (30 years old, living in district 5) is a manager at Abu Quan (32/10 Bong Sao, ward, district 8). On December 24 and December 25, H. had contact with BN 1451 at Quan Abu and Su Su Karaoke on Highway 50, Ward 5, District 8. After that, he went home and contacted his biological mother and sister. On December 26-27, she went to work at Quan Abu and went home. Ms. H. was quarantined at the District 8 Medical Center at 23:30 on December 27 and took a sample. There are currently negative results of the 1 Covid-19 test.

In another development, Mr. H. has a younger brother named D. (52 years old, in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City), who is an employee of the Abu bar. Mr. D. also had close contact with BN 1451.

According to Mr. D., around 22:00 on December 24, at Abu, he had contact and talk to BN 1451. At 23:00 the same day, he went home at Hamlet 1A, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh. From December 25, he went to work at the Abu bar and went home. From 9:00 to 10:00 on December 26, she drove his wife to Binh Dien market to buy food and then go home. Mr. D. was quarantined at the District 8 Medical Center at 23:30 on December 27 and took samples for testing.

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