HoSE announced proprietary trading data of securities companies from this afternoon

The Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange will announce proprietary trading information from this afternoon, while the Hanoi Department will announce it before May 23.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Ha, Acting Chairwoman of HoSE, said that right this afternoon, the Department will announce transaction information on the total volume and total value of buying and selling proprietary trading for each securities code.

On the HNX, a representative of the Department said that it is carrying out work to publish data, because it takes time to prepare technically. The Department ensures that it will be announced according to the deadline assigned by the Securities Commission, before May 23.

Previously, from the beginning of March, information on the trading of securities companies’ proprietary trading department, one of the indicators of investment trends in the market, was stopped.

Proprietary trading is an activity where a securities company acts as an investor in the market. The net buying or selling of this group is noticed by the market because it reflects the change of short-term expectations, which has a great impact on supply – demand.

This information is provided by Exchanges but is not made public to investors but is sold in separate service packages to data service providers. Investors access this information by purchasing accounts from providers.

In addition to proprietary trading information, the Committee also directed HNX and HoSE to issue warnings and request listed companies to disclose information when securities codes show signs of increasing or decreasing at the ceiling price or floor from 5-10 session.

Minh Son


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