Honda Cub C125 2022 is more than 113 million VND, more expensive than the “luxury” SH

Recently, sample motorcycle Honda Cub C125 The Japanese automaker has just officially launched a new version in 2022. Accordingly, the new version of this momentum car will only be available in one color version, which is a luxurious matte black.“Dark horse” New Honda Cub C125 2022 is marked on the shell with a series of chrome-plated details, but it is no longer as glossy as before. Instead, the new bodywork is colored with matte Chrome to match the mysterious overall of the new generation car.The highlight of the car this time is in the saddle with extremely striking red color. A new change in the new generation Honda C125 is that it has been equipped with the rear saddle to make it easier to carry people compared to the selfish solo saddle in the previous generation.In terms of equipment, the Honda Cub C125 2022 will still own a modern full LED light system and a neat LCD screen with all the same specifications as its predecessor.On the car, a set of Smartkey locks helps to increase the performance as well as anti-theft for this legendary model.Honda Cub C125 2022 will still have disc brakes in the front and drum brakes at the rear with ABS integrated in the European version.The suspension on the car both front and rear uses double shock absorbers, which have also been tweaked to improve ride quality.In power, Cub 2022 owns a 125 cc Euro 5 standard engine that is “boosted” from 9.52 to 9.65 hp at the same 7,500 rpm. Maximum torque remains the same at 10.4Nm. In addition, the new engine block also has a new oil filter to keep the engine cooler and smoother.Present, price of Honda Cub C125 2022 The new generation is being sold genuine in the UK with a suggested price of 3,499 pounds (equivalent to more than 113 million VND). This price is even more expensive than the price of high-end scooter Honda SH 150i ABS version.Video: Introducing the Honda Cub C125 2022 motorcycle.


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