‘Home entertainment’ opens opportunities for domestic OTT

The movie Blooming Apple Tree broadcast exclusively on VieOn and at the same time on Vie Channel HTV2 has just won the B prize in the drama category of the HCM City Cinema Association.

The advantage of domestic OTTs (Over The Top – a term referring to applications and content such as audio and video provided on the Internet platform) in the conquest of users is the understanding of tastes, market. More and more domestic OTT units invest in interesting and interesting content to create a distinction.

Requires large investment, High Quality

Talking to Tuoi Tre, director Van Cong Vien said: “Asia is a very high-growing home entertainment market after the epidemic. Therefore, foreign OTT platforms are very boldly investing in Asia and the East. South Asia”.

Obviously, this is both an opportunity and a challenge for Vietnamese OTT traders.

Film and TV show producer Do Quang Minh, director of Dofilm, said: “Currently, I have a few business connections for units with OTT platforms in the country. Every movie is well invested. , higher than television This is only natural because the audience has now changed their habits of watching movies or entertainment.

They spend money every month to see what they want, so there is a requirement that movies on the OTT platform have the same technical sound and picture quality as cinema movies to be able to watch clearly on big-screen TVs.”

As a direct production director, Mr. Xuan Phuoc also added about this opportunity: “Of course, traditional movies and TV series are unlikely to disappear, but the recent development of OTT makes producers like we have to think towards the implementation of products broadcast on OTT. Standards on OTT require different conditions and quality than traditional products on big and small screens.”

Motivate for development movies

Director Van Cong Vien shared with Tuoi Tre that he is working with a foreign OTT platform to sign a film production on their OTT platform. They have a lot of demanding requirements. Therefore, in order for the domestic OTT platform to develop, the program content needs to be invested very carefully and methodically.

“Content on the OTT platform must stick to viewers’ tastes and stimulate the creativity of program producers. Movies must also be different from TV or movie theater: they don’t extend the number of episodes like television so they should. more pure, the quality of images, sounds and techniques must meet international standards”.

The development of OTT also opens up more career opportunities, especially for young people, according to Mr. Quang Minh’s analysis: “Last time, Southern television was quite meager, while cinema was only a few years a year. The film is produced, so the opportunity to do the job has not yet reached many people.

But if content on the OTT platform develops strongly, young directors and actors will have more opportunities to participate. This will create a driving force for Vietnamese movies to develop.”

However, in order for domestic OTT to develop and be able to compete with cross-border OTTs, Mr. Minh also said that it is necessary to improve many aspects such as technology, techniques and services, not only content production, especially convenience for users.

He cited an example: “My home’s foreign OTT service was cut off because the money in my account was not enough to close, but when I top up my account, I can immediately see it again. Meanwhile, when I forget to close the account, I can’t close it. If you subscribe to a domestic OTT service, restoring the service is quite cumbersome, so to be competitive, domestic OTT needs investment in both content and customer service…”.

Must fight fiercely with pirated movies

Ms. Vu Quynh Ha – content production director of Galaxy Play and Mr. Hoang Dinh Vu – head of content department of Danet – both affirmed with Tuoi Tre OTT Viet to take advantage of the large market with more than 90 million people.

In fact, during the two years of the epidemic, Vietnam’s online movie platforms have gained momentum. This can be seen in the rapidly increasing number of films and increasingly diverse genres. Only thing is, there are few Vietnamese films produced exclusively for these platforms, mainly old cinema movies and web-drama played on other platforms.

For example, a new and interesting application, VieOn, has purchased a series of popular Vietnamese cinema movies to put on the platform: I’m not 18, Super stupid superstar, Trang Quynh, My wife, The girl from yesterday…

In order for domestic OTT to really prosper, there are two spearheads that need to be directed: one is content for Vietnamese people and the other is to fight fiercely with pirated movies.



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