Hoai Linh is a judge of Season 7 Comedy Challenge

Artist Hoai Linh is a judge of Season 7 Comedy Challenge

So far, the MC of the show has not been revealed.

Viet Huong and Tran Thanh served as judges for the first two seasons. Four seasons later, this position is assumed by artists Tran Thanh and Truong Giang. Hosts are Dai Nghia, Tien Luat and Ngo Kien Huy.

Mr. Khuong Dua, program production director, said: “To invite Hoai Linh, the production team has negotiated and persuaded him since April. As everyone knows, artist Hoai Linh has not released for a long time. show in television programs. So Challenging comedians Luckily, you accept the invitation “.

Mr. Khuong Dua, production director of the Comedy Challenge program, shared the reason for changing judges – Video: PHUONG NAM

Can say season 7 Challenging comedians has the biggest “blood change”. Facing this change, Mr. Khuong Dua confidently: “I think Challenging comedians partly thanks to the judges and partly thanks to the candidate’s talents. Artists Hoai Linh and Minh Nhi are both experienced artists, loved by the audience, so their presence will be seen by many people ”.

Challenging comedians is a playground for everyone with a gift of humor. In 2020, the show is on hiatus for a year, and is scheduled to return in August on HTV7. On May 7, Challenging comedians There will be the first contestants in Ho Chi Minh City.


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