Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi … send love to her mother on ‘Mother’s Day’

Circus artist Jiang Quoc Co posted a family photo during an earlier trip on ‘Mother’s Day’ on Facebook with the message: “I wish you all good health, happiness and happiness with your children and grandchildren. I wish my family is always full, have time to travel together like this “

Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi ... send love to her mother on 'Mother's Day' - Photo 2.

Singer Hoang Yen Chibi posted a photo with her mother with the best wishes, “I wish you will always be healthy and beautiful. She also made a witty message that made fans curious: “Mom, don’t marry me far away, let my Mother’s Day return flowers”

Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi ... send love to her mother on 'Mother's Day' - Photo 3.

Actress Hien Mai changes her profile picture taken with her mother on Mother’s Day, to commemorate her beloved mother. Actor Hien Mai’s mother died nearly a year. In the past, Hien Mai regularly posted moments when both mother and daughter were happy together

Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi ... send love to her mother on 'Mother's Day' - Photo 4.

Singer Dong Nhi shared on her personal page that she remembers a lot of her mother’s childhood memories. “Mom sat flinging the fan to sleep Nhi, forever remembering the scene she was limping while pushing the fan, sometimes she stopped because she was so sleepy, but because she was afraid that she was hot, she woke up slightly, she slept well and she did not get a full lunch. The beautiful memory is both loving and loving but also a bit sad. Now Nhi is also a mother, I am more and more imbued with the love of her mother in the past. So, Nhi always wants to give Winnie all the best that Nhi and her father can do ”, Dong Nhi wrote

And singer Ho Ngoc Ha hand makeup on for her mother ‘a bright and vibrant face’. This is a small gift she gave to her mother. Clip Ho Ngoc Ha makeup for her mother quickly received a lot of love, comments and sharing from the audience

Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi ... send love to her mother on 'Mother's Day' - Photo 6.

Musician Nguyen Van Chung, ‘the father’ of the song ‘Mother’s Diary’, also proudly shared on his personal page: ‘When I get old, I will proudly tell my children and grandchildren that on’ Mother’s Day ‘Every year, his’ Mother’s Diary ‘is sung all over the country and abroad!’

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is determined to be Sunday, the 2nd week of May every year. This is a day for the children to express gratitude to the mother who gave birth to me, as well as to honor mothers around the world.

In addition to honoring the human mother Mother’s DayIn Vietnam, feelings of gratitude, respect and especially love are also reminded of each other during the Yulanpen Festival, International Women’s Day 8-3, Vietnam Women’s Day October 20.


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