Ho Chi Minh City called on the people to be a firm stronghold in the fight against Covid-19

This is one of the recommendations announced by the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC) to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic when the epidemic situation in surrounding countries is complicated, especially, the risk of invasions. Import and lessons of subjectivity from the countries where Covid-19 is emerging are proof.

According to HCDC, there are only a few days left to have a long holiday, so everyone should consider carefully before attending festivals. If you do, be sure to take your 5K message seriously.

HCDC suggested that local authorities and people should always be vigilant, strengthen supervision and detect illegal entries. The city will strictly handle illegal entries, abusive or undeclared cases when detected.

According to HCDC, if an epidemic is invading, the vital problem is to detect it as early as possible. Therefore, the monitoring of at-risk areas (inter-provincial bus stations, airports, motels, markets …) at-risk people (people entering, people after isolation …) continues to be implemented.

Medical staff take samples for people in the community (Photo: HAI YEN)

HCDC recommends, the hand is where microorganisms adhere and take into our body. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously disinfect, wash hands with clean water and soap or a quick antiseptic solution. All offices, units, schools, medical facilities, amusement parks, entertainment areas, public areas … must arrange facilities for people to wash their hands.

It is important to note that if there are symptoms of a respiratory illness, it is necessary to go to a medical facility for examination and treatment. Absolutely not go to public places, crowded places.

At the same time, the city continues to monitor, detect early detection clusters of respiratory diseases in the residential community, and take samples to test cases with suspected symptoms of respiratory diseases when coming to the examination. in medical facilities. So if you have respiratory diseases, please wear a mask and seek medical attention.

In addition, the health sector has prepared health options to respond to possible epidemic scenarios including worst. Concentrated quarantine zones in the city are also planned to be ready for expansion when needed.

HCDC emphasized that at present, people should not be subjective but need to be vigilant and proactively prevent epidemics according to the 5K motto. If an outbreak does occur, calmly follow the instructions of the health sector.

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