Ho Chi Minh City: 344 Covid-19 test samples at PouYuen Company were negative

On the afternoon of June 10, the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC) released the latest information on the timely zoning of the source of infection control at PouYuen Co., Ltd (Binh Tan district) when detecting a case of Covid-19. 19 here.

According to HCDC, through initial assessment, patient 9499 (female worker) working at Pouyuen Company is the source of intrusion, no direct infection has been recorded at the company. Ho Chi Minh City has urgently zoned the source of infection control to prevent the epidemic, ensure the health of workers, and stabilize the company’s production.

Medical staff zoning anti-epidemic areas at PouYuen Company – Photo: HCDC

Pouyuen Vietnam is an enterprise consisting of many companies with the nature of an industrial park, with about 56,000 employees. This business consists of many zones and has been divided before to prevent Covid-19 infection. Therefore, the investigation, tracing and zoning of risks take place quickly.

The entire 5th floor where patient 9499 works has been blocked off. Those who worked in the same line were transferred to isolation and took samples for testing. People who work in the same workshop on the same floor are transferred to quarantine at home and take samples for testing. Ho Chi Minh City will also conduct extensive testing for workers at this company.

Through verification, the medical team traced 140 colleagues who shared the line at the factory with the female worker with Covid-19. These cases have been asked to isolate at home. After the female worker tested positive, the functional sector quickly coordinated with localities to take these 140 people to concentrated isolation.

In addition, 344 cases of working in the same workshop were assigned to take samples for testing and isolate at home. Thus, a total of 484 test samples have been taken, of which 344 are negative, the others are updating the results.

Because Pouyuen Vietnam has implemented safety standards in epidemic prevention, patients only have contact in their work area, so it does not affect other areas. These areas are still operating normally. The company has carried out an assessment of the risk of infection with Covid-19 in the workplace; promptly notify all relevant employees to temporarily isolate at home and not come to the company since the case of F1 was recorded…

Ho Chi Minh City: 344 Covid-19 test samples at PouYuen Company were negative - Photo 2.

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