Hard journey left many difficult divisions and beautiful dreams named ‘Little Status’

Trailer movie ‘Status’

Much beautiful but sad too. Perhaps, in a better fantasy world, Adventure status quo will be released in theaters with joy and support from many people, including the original creators, who are opposed to the film now, and most of all, audiences. Because, up to now, with the legal bases provided, Adventure status quo does not infringe copyrights.

“My 5-year-old son was stumped while watching the scene of Ti quarreling with his friends. I cried deeply when Ti apologized to her mother. When I left, my eyes were red but my mouth was smiling” – audience Hoang Linh Hanoi) share. For a children’s movie, let the kids speak with that smile and tear.

The skill “Situation Tí Adventure” is superior to Vietnamese children’s films in particular and many Vietnamese films in general – Photo: ĐPCC

Not looking for her father or looking for her mother, Ti is looking for herself

Adventure status quo there are many creations of director Phan Gia Nhat Linh compared to the original story Intelligent children of Vietnamese. The film adaptation has editing rights. Good or bad editing will determine the fate of the film.

The original background is the image of 4 characters Ti – Suu – Dan – Tips with supporting characters, the context of Phan Thi village, the long-term idea for the 5-part series (most likely will not come true) of the Little later became the status quo, “carp” dragon “…

The creative part of the film is very seasoned and worthwhile: the low status of Tí’s mother in the village when the mother is not married but pregnant; the great anxiety of Ti about her birth, showing her desire to find her father; emotional friendship; The quartet is very good about a child with a high IQ but poor EQ, so it is necessary to learn about love, compassion and cherishing small things; appearance of supernatural forces with high-class techniques, made in post-production for nearly 2 years …

The hard journey left many difficult divisions and a beautiful dream called Trang Tí - Photo 3.

Friendship and altruism are beautiful messages in “The situation of adventure” – Photo: ĐPCC

Perhaps, many viewers are still not satisfied when seeing in the movie Little Self-esteem, bullied because of not having a father, different from the image of full of confidence, somewhat arrogant, unruly in comics. But, this change is necessary when cinema always requires more in character building, does not accept forced and rigid stereotypes.

And, in life, a child without a father, living with a poor mother, is easily bullied.

There are audiences who say Ti’s journey in the movie is “looking for her father”. But in fact, Ti’s journey is much wider and is typical of all the main characters in children’s movies, adventure films. It is a journey to find yourself.

The hard journey left many difficult divisions and beautiful dreams named Trang Tí - Picture 4.

All the children have had a clear change towards a more humane and altruistic direction after their memorable journey.

That does not mean that Adventure status quo or wholeness. The scenes in Phan Thi village are not unique, if not pale, long-lasting. The second act in the lair of the bandit lair was also too long, leaving an unworthy hotel. The logic puzzle at the end of the movie is not new, and is shown quickly.

One more comment, it is necessary to stop taking jokes about the chubby bodies of children to make funny details in Vietnamese films.

Blockbuster dreams for Vietnamese children

Not masterpiece, still buggy, gritty, some pretty pale scenes and a bit redundant character, but Adventure status quo cute, innocent and sincere like the child audience of the film.

“Before, I had a dream of creating studios like Disney, making entertaining movies for Vietnamese children. Adventure status quo, I am very proud of all “made in Vietnam” – producer Ngo Thanh Van said Youth Online when the movie is released.

When asked after the film’s turbulence, whether she still holds the “Disney dream”, Ngo Thanh Van said: “It’s a dream. Actually, there are hundreds of thousands of difficulties. My cinema is still young and in need. Learn a lot of things, it will never be compared (with Disney) “.

The hard journey left many difficult divisions and beautiful dreams named Trang Tí - Picture 5.

Huynh Huu Khang as Ti in the movie “Adventure of Ti Ti” – Photo: ĐPCC

Claimed “never compared”, but Adventure status quo has learned quite well the adventure movies of Disney, Marvel.

It’s a round three-act scenario with a clear character transformation. It is the foresight when each main character is built for further development in the future (through 3 after-credits).

That is the majestic, dense VFX in the end of the film, the shaping and meaningful appearance of the Tiger God. And not only in the majestic scenes, the scene of Ti’s mother lying on a boat floating in the river, among the lotuses and fireflies is also very beautiful, full of femininity.

As director Nguyen Quang Dung said, Vietnamese cinema still needs big dreamers. Dreams will lead us to go, instead of being cynical and discouraged. Ngo Thanh Van had a big dream. Director Phan Gia Nhat Linh of Adventure status quo had a big dream. Only, are audiences willing to dream with them?

page ti 5

Gradually and Trick, the two images of the character “Vietnamese prodigy” were brought to the screen quite successfully – Photo: ĐPCC

Should we associate with ‘Vietnamese prodigy’?

Adventure status quo has a lot of creativity compared to the original comic, giving the movie a life of its own. Therefore, there is an opinion that the fact that the film is associated with the name of the original work is a pity, causing no controversy, while it is possible to write a new character image and background.

Even so, it can’t be denied Intelligent children of Vietnamese help the film to have a favorable promotion in the early stage. And in fact, in American cinema, making live-action movies out of comic books is very popular with seemingly boundless creative rights.


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