Hanoi: Set a target that 100% of markets will be monitored and inspected for food quality and safety

Accordingly, the city sets a target that by the end of December 2022, 100% of market management units, fixed food production and trading establishments at the market (referred to as establishments) will be propagated, disseminated, food safety training; 100% of market management units build and promulgate regulations on food safety management; 100% of the market is supervised, sampling to check food quality and safety. At least 50% of the market in operation will be upgraded, renovated, repaired, invested, and met the criteria of the market to ensure food safety and commercial civilization.

The whole city strives by the end of December 2024, to have 100% of the markets monitored, sampled to check food quality and safety. The rate of food being monitored and sampled at markets in violation of food safety regulations decreased by 70% compared to the time when the project had not been implemented.

At least 80% of operating markets will be upgraded, renovated, repaired and invested, and 100% of newly built markets will meet the criteria of markets to ensure food safety and commercial civilization.

By the end of December 2025, 100% of food businesses in the local markets have met the requirements of the above scheme and have been granted a license plate identifying safe food businesses.

100% of markets in operation are upgraded, renovated, repaired and invested; 100% of the newly built market meets the criteria of the market to ensure food safety and commercial civilization. 100% of the market is monitored, samples are taken to check for quality, food safety and basically meet the legal regulations on food safety.

The City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other departments, branches, and the People’s Committees of districts and towns to regularly grasp difficulties and problems; inspection, traceability of food products, events connecting supply and demand, instructions on business equipment, food preservation, granting identification plates to establishments that meet the requirements of the project .

Relevant units regularly check, review and monitor the implementation of legal documents and procedures related to food business, compliance with regulations on food hygiene and safety and market rules. of business establishments in the market to serve the issuance/revocation of identification plates according to regulations.

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