Hanoi examines the administrative reform at agencies and units in the city

The contents of the inspection include the implementation and the results of the implementation of the tasks according to the programs, plans, conclusions and directions of the City People’s Committee, the City People’s Committee Chairman; the implementation organization and implementation results of PAR tasks, focusing on the tasks identified in the 2021 PAR plan of agencies and units (up to the time of inspection).

The inspection team directly works at the agency or unit. The representative of the unit reports and discusses issues related to the inspection content. In case of need, the inspection team will work with a number of related organizations and individuals at the agency or unit to check and verify.

The inspection team will check unexpectedly, without notice at the offices of agencies, units or localities; places for administrative procedure settlement, places for citizen reception; departments, divisions, divisions and units directly attached to or coordinate with the People’s Committees of districts and communes to check at other relevant locations for the inspection contents in this plan.

Through inspection to review and evaluate the implementation of the tasks according to the plan, conclusion and direction of the City People’s Committee, Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Urge, guide and rectify agencies and units under the City on the progress, efficiency and quality of the implementation of tasks in the administrative reform domain. Evaluate the done contents, detect timely ideas and experience, effective models to have the plan to replicate the model throughout the city.

In addition, to evaluate the unsolved contents, limitations, causes and solutions to remove difficulties and problems of agencies, units and localities in the implementation of the central direction and the city on PAR work, thereby, identifying issues that need to be directed or supplemented or adjusted in the coming time. The results of the PAR test are an important basis for determining the PAR index of departments, equivalent agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns.

Hanoi People’s Committee will inspect the administrative reform (PAR) in 2021 at agencies and units in the city. Illustration

Previously, according to the report of the People’s Committee of Hanoi, in the past 10 years, the city’s PAR work has achieved many achievements, outstanding results. The city’s PAR index ranks 2nd out of 63 provinces and centrally run cities for 3 consecutive years 2017, 2018, and 2019; The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) ranked 9th out of 63 provinces and cities for 2 consecutive years 2018 and 2019.

For the arrangement and streamlining of organizational apparatus, by the end of 2020, the city has achieved: Reducing 29% of departments (65 rooms), decreasing 10.4% of non-business units (290 units), reducing 34% in villages and residential quarters (2,708 residential quarters). Completed the target to reduce 10% of civil servants ‘payrolls, 10% of civil servants’ payrolls and 10% of contract quotas. Budget savings for salary spending for 18,403 staff members, and position allowances for 471 management leaders.

In the coming time, the city will continue to do well the propaganda and dissemination of Resolution No. 18-NQ / TW, 19-NQ / TW of the 6th Central Conference Session XII. Regularly grasp and do well the ideological work in the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees, especially the leadership and management cadres, so that the policy is properly and promptly implemented.

Effectively implement the pilot organization of the urban government model under the National Assembly’s Resolution No. 97/2019 / QH14 dated November 27, 2019; coordinate with central agencies in formulating documents guiding the model of organization, operation, staffing, and synchronous and uniform assignment and decentralization of management when implementing the model of urban government. Organize well the review of the pilot model after 3 years and propose suitable model.

Continue to streamline and streamline the organizational structure; The focus is on promoting the socialization of public services to private ones, shifting public non-business units to operate under the financial autonomy mechanism to streamline the payroll to be paid to the state budget. Reviewing and adjusting the scheme of job positions according to the Government’s Decree No. 62/2020 / ND-CP and 106/2020 / ND-CP. Arranging the organizational apparatus in association with the regulations on functions, tasks and working relationships in a consistent and close manner, avoiding overlapping, suitable to the characteristics of the capital.

Promote administrative reform, simplify the relevant administrative procedures, standardize the work handling process; improve the quality of public services at level 3 and 4 to better serve people and businesses.

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