Hacker Hieu PC “confided in” with rapper Hieu Monday

New rapper Hieu Monday “clashed” former hacker Hieu PC – Photo: CPC

Episode 36 of Bar Stories done by Dustin Phuc Nguyen has introduced 2 guests with the same name but with two very different lives: rapper Hieu Second (Tran Minh Hieu) and hacker Hieu PC (Ngo Minh Hieu).

As soon as the picture of the two characters participating in the program was announced on social networks, many viewers expressed their expectation of an interesting conversation between two boys named “Minh Hieu” who were receiving attention. mind of public opinion.

Hacker Hieu PC shared with rapper Hieu Monday - Photo 2.

Both had moments of comfort at the program – Photo: ĐPCC

Hieu Monday is known since joining the program King of Rap. The boy born in 1999 quickly became one of the most sought-after young rappers.

In less than half a year, Hieu Second had many hits that were loved by young people like Crab, Turn on music, Honey, Play … In Bar StorieThis rapper has a lot of shares, confided in the unexpected success in 2020.

Hacker Hieu PC shared with rapper Hieu Monday - Photo 3.

Hieu Monday brings the medley “Crab” and “Play” – Photo: CPC

And Hieu PC, born in 1989, is hacker was sentenced to prison in the US for theft and sale of personal data of nearly 200 million users, earning millions of dollars. After 7 years in prison in the US, Hieu PC was released from prison and returned to Vietnam with the attention of public opinion.

Especially after the information came out Hieu PC was accepted as a technical expert at the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center, under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Hacker Hieu PC shared with rapper Hieu Monday - Photo 4.

Hieu’s current PC – Photo: CPC

When Dustin Phuc Nguyen asked “25 years old but must receive a 40-year sentence, what is your reaction?”, Hieu PC said: “It’s like I’m falling into hell on earth. I want to strangle myself.”

Share about current work, Hieu PC said he I can apply the skills and knowledge I have, plus get more guidance to understand more about cybercrime investigation.

Also When facing the new temptations of life that can help me make “a ton of money”, Hieu PC confided that he remembered his past going to prison because he violated the law, so he told him to be determined to give up.

Episode 36 of Bar Stories with two guests Hieu Monday and Hieu PC will be released to the audience on April 30th.

Hieu Monday and Hieu PC at the program ‘Bar Stories’ – Source: CPC


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