Great Wall Tank 700 – Chinese luxury off-road vehicle

The 2021 Shanghai Motor Show has been officially held since April 19, with the first two days dedicated to the media before opening to welcome the public. Taking this opportunity, Great Wall Motors announced the brand Brand new tank separate from WEY brand and become a brand new off-road vehicle.At the same time, Tank also officially introduced two new models of 700 and 800. In which, New tank 700 2021 Positioned as a mid-to-large-sized luxury off-road vehicle, the Tank 800 is the brand’s flagship luxury vehicle as a whole.Compared to the previous square-faced Tank 300 model, the Tank 700 has a more elaborate mechanical look, and a brand new “Tank” logo, more suitable for the aesthetic needs of young consumers. . In addition, the characteristic circular headlamp remains with the tank and again highlights the design language of the Tank family.In terms of the body structure, the Tank 700 employs a “no load” chassis structure, in other words a 5-door hull structure. The rear end is fitted with a side-opening tailgate commonly used by off-road vehicles. At the same time, there is a spare wheel on the tailgate, a detail that emphasizes the muscular off-road style, ready for any situation.Different from the look regardless of the terrain, the interior of the Tank 700 is very luxurious, and even brings a feeling of luxury like Western brands like Bentley. Most of the interior is upholstered, which contrasts significantly with the exterior appearance. The interior of this SUV is spacious and comfortable with a 4-seater layout, rear seats with comfortable legroom, independent center armrests, and LCD entertainment screens.However, the most attractive point of the Tank 700 is not in the exterior and interior components, but in the drivetrain. According to reports, this new model is equipped with a turbocharged 3.0 V6. The latest liter is developed by Great Wall Motors.It has a maximum capacity of 349 hp and 500 Nm of maximum torque, combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission. It may not sound like much, but it is enough to stay at the top of the Chinese domestic market.Furthermore, the Tank 700 will also add a P2 hybrid system (electric motor placed in the gearbox) on the basis of a V6 engine + 9-speed automatic transmission, with a total output increased to 517 hp and 750 Nm of maximum torque. Level Price Tank 700 2021 has not been announced yet.Video: Great Wall Tank 700 – Chinese luxury off-road vehicle.


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