Gong Li renounces Singaporean citizenship

The Straits Times said Gong Li (55 years old) is said to have renounced Singapore citizenship after recent moves to suppress the artist world in China. According to rumors circulating online last week, the actress may have applied to be a Chinese citizen again.

Rumors about Gong Loi appeared after Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse renounced his Canadian citizenship in September. Tran Phi Vu, the US-born son of Chinese director Chen Kaige, also renounced his US citizenship in August.

According to rumors, Nicholas Tse and Gong Loi are both on the aforementioned blacklist because of their foreign nationality. Trieu Vy, the actress who was “locked” in August, is also said to be on this list because she is a permanent resident of Singapore.

Gong Li once married Singapore tycoon Hoang Hoa Tuong in 1996, naturalized in Singapore in 2008. Her naturalization of Singapore, renunciation of Chinese citizenship was opposed by Chinese public opinion.

Gong Li still holds Singapore citizenship after divorcing Hoang Hoa Tuong in 2009. That same year, she is married to French musician Jean-Michel Jarre and now lives in France.

Rumors of Gong Li asking to return as a Chinese citizen were well received by the Chinese public. Still follow The Straits TimesSingaporean public opinion is angry because Gong Loi is using Singapore as a springboard without really contributing to this country.

Gong Li was born in 1965, is China’s top movie star, has acted in classic films: Red sorghum, Cuc Dau, Thu Cuc go to court, Red lantern hangs high, Concubine says goodbye, Must live…

After Gong Li, public opinion is turning to martial arts star Jet Li, who is also a Singaporean.


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