‘Godzilla vs.’ Kong ‘win $ 123 million: Why is the film’ silly ‘the mainstay of the global box office?

The heroic battle between the two monsters helped “Godzilla Great War Kong” become the Hollywood movie COVID-19 most popular period

March 2020, Universal released Trolls World Tour in online form and collected 100 million USD after 19 days. This was a controversial pioneer, when it was before that was the preferred form of release. To date, many movies have been released simultaneously in both theaters and VODs.

Godzilla Great War Kong international theaters from last week, US theaters on March 31 and also online. Before the US theaters, the film has collected 123 million USD, of which 69.2 million USD from China; USD 6.4 million from Mexico and about USD 3.4 million (VND 80 billion) from Vietnam.

Silly, great and great box office wins

Thanks to this achievement, the US press has very optimistic forecasts about the domestic revenue of the Godzilla Great War Kong. They believe that from March 31 to April 1, the film could have an opening record of between $ 20 million and $ 30 million, best in the COVID-19 era in America.

Godzilla vs.  Kong wins $ 123 million: Why do silly movies are the mainstay of the global box office?  - Photo 2.

Epic fighting scenes with good techniques in “Godzilla great war Kong” – Photo: LEGENDARY

That’s not it Wonder Woman 1984 good Tenet, but a B-grade blockbuster about two super monsters fighting to revive the global box office, helping Hollywood to be confident about its spread in the epidemic?

With what’s happening, that’s right. Godzilla Great War Kong could easily crumble $ 16.7 million’s opening revenue Wonder Woman 1984 Christmas 2020. The film is showing at 3,000 screens in the US, higher Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984. In particular, two very important US markets, Los Angeles and New York, have reopened.

The fourth Legendary film about the monster Godzilla was, or was, remarked by ComicBook as “big, dumb, and awesome”. This is a B-film with a cast and A-list budget ($ 200 million), which is well on its way to A-list.

Godzilla vs.  Kong wins $ 123 million: Why do silly movies are the mainstay of the global box office?  Photo 3.

The film has good sales, Kong and Godzilla are expected to return to the screen – Photo: LEGENDARY

Before Godzilla Great War Kong, Legendary’s MonsterVerse universe is in danger of closing, but for now, it is being discussed that in the next movie, Godzilla will continue fighting Kong or any other powerful foe. Legendary has not been officially announced, but Godzilla and Kong enthusiasts have the right to hope.

As of this week, grosses for the entire monster franchise have reached $ 1.6 billion.

The mainstay film line is still very important

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Godzilla Great War Kong is a test of the vitality of the main movie tentpole (tentpole) in Hollywood.

If the film surpasses the 30 million USD opening mark in the US, this will be a great encouragement for the US cinema and cinema market, which suffered huge losses because of COVID-19. Previously, similar blockbusters could have opened up hundreds of millions of dollars, but the figure of 30 million USD in this situation is also a significant step forward.

Godzilla vs.  Kong wins $ 123 million: Why do silly movies are the mainstay of the global box office?  - Photo 4.

Godzilla brand “longest in the world” has 34 films in both Japan and the US, there will be new movies coming? – Photo: LEGENDARY

Good news for Godzilla Great War Kong is a blockbuster adaption of the famous game Mortal Kombat Delayed the schedule in the US from April 16 to April 23, creating favorable conditions Godzilla Great War Kong raging for longer at the US box office. In Vietnam, this movie is still out from April 9.

On March 19, Hollywood Reporter NRG survey counsels show that theater confidence has risen to its highest level since the pandemic began. Specifically, the number of people who said they felt “very” or “pretty” comfortable going to the cinema was 57%, the largest number during the COVID-19 era.

It is forecasted that in the first week of April, this rate may reach over 60%.

Godzilla vs.  Kong wins $ 123 million: Why do silly movies are the mainstay of the global box office?  - Photo 5.

The great war Godzilla Kong relieves the world’s audience’s thirst for stunning VFX movies – Photo: LEGENDARY

But besides the willingness of audiences to re-establish the habit of going to theaters, the market also needs the mainstay movies to create sweeping fevers.

Pillar movies are not just explosive blockbusters, but films with universal themes that global audiences can see and sympathize with. Pillar films often have to bring in more than 3 times the revenue of the budget, stay in theaters for a long time and attract 4 large audience segments (men, women, boys and girls).

In Vietnam, the pillar film concept has not been clearly defined when many studios are still in the process of building and forming their styles and strengths. But considering the hundred billion films, the most popular and most popular element is the family theme or the close emotional relationships with the majority of the audience.


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