Giant Hoa Binh went to the white sea of ​​the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar

The Mercedes-AMG GT R supercar line has 2 units on the S-shaped strip of land, while the first Mercedes-AMG GT R belongs to the standard version and is present in the garage of supercar giant Cuong Do. And the super car New generation Mercedes-AMG GT R The second of the Pro version is appearing in Hoa Binh province.Recently, the image of the vehicle Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar Uniquely Vietnam, the owner brought the number plate, has attracted a lot of attention and discussion from the online community. After 5 months of being brought back to the country, this super car has a license plate. The car is allowed to go to the white plate of Hoa Binh province. The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is an upgraded version of the Mercedes-AMG GT R supercar owned by Cuong Do. Vehicles are brought back to Vietnam in the form of non-genuine imports. The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar in Hoa Binh has a gray paintwork with eye-catching blue decals on the sides of the car and on the bonnet.Mercedes-AMG has directed the new generation GT R Pro supercar to the track more through the appearance design and suspension changes as well as reducing the “weight” for the car. The car’s upgrade is in carbon fiber details such as a mirror cover or a fixed rear spoiler, in addition to the new ultra-light wheels made by AMG with 5-spoke design painted in Titan gray and accompanied by ceramic brake shackles high-end.Mercedes-AMG has also developed a new set of suspension systems for the GT R Pro 2020 with adjustable dampers with compression, bounce and combined with carbon fiber swingarms at the front and steel at the rear.In addition, the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar is equipped with Uniball spherical bearings in the upper part of the dual Wishbone suspension system. This feature on the standard version is only available in the lower part of the dual Wishbone suspension system. And yet, a carbon plate is also added underneath the underbody to improve rigidity and increase stability for the car.The car still uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which produces a maximum capacity of 577 horsepower and a maximum torque of 700 Nm. Despite the reduced weight due to a series of carbon fiber details and a new suspension system, the acceleration time from the starting position to 100 km / h of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar is only 3.6 paper before. when reaching a maximum speed of 319 km / h as the standard version.The time is not clear Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro price First about Vietnam, only know that in the foreign market, the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar has a listed price of $ 200,645 (including shipping costs), this price means that Customers wanting to own the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro will have to spend $ 40,000 more money than the Mercedes-AMG GT R.Video: Genuine Mercedes AMG GTR supercar back to Vietnam.


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