Genuine LM350 luxury MPV, the highest of more than 8 billion in Vietnam

Lexus Vietnam officially introduced the luxury MPV model All-new Lexus LM 350 350, a testament to the Japanese luxury car brand’s commitment to creating top-notch experiences and shows its vision for a new luxury mobile lifestyle.Exterior of Luxury MPV Lexus LM features Lexus’ signature spindle grille and chrome accents on both sides of the body. The center pillar is decorated with impressive double arrowhead chrome details, showing the car’s unique and high-end design identity from the side. The chrome-plated grille with smooth accents evokes a dynamic, powerful image. LM has two exterior color options, Black and Pearl White.The unique headlight cluster integrates large L-shaped daytime running lights and 3-layer sequential turn signals, providing a combined light beam with near and far beams. In addition, LED taillights inspired by Lexus’ bold new design language form a continuous light strip extending the entire width of the rear, emphasizing the vehicle’s majesty.Originating from the comfort of a high-end multi-purpose vehicle, Lexus defines the luxury of the LM segment by creating the ultimate in interior space. Finely crafted details such as leather upholstery and hand-stitched panels create a premium interior. The newly developed Gin-Sui-Boku (silver ink) decorative detailing inspired by the art of ink painting adorns the interior space, bringing an undeniable attraction.The LM is the world’s first car to use the AdaptiPedicTM low-elastic material fitted to the second row. This material increases body support by an average of 25% and has memory-supportive properties. fit the person sitting, bringing comfort during long trips. AdaptiPedicTM also helps to dampen and absorb low-frequency vibrations, and the ability to maintain material consistency despite temperature changes provides comfortable comfort in all climates.Regarding the air conditioning system, the nanoe™ function generates mildly acidic ions to help moisturize hair and skin, disinfect, inhibit bacterial activity, and deodorize to keep the air fresh. The Lexus LM is equipped with a Mark Levinson premium surround sound system that delivers clear and vivid sound quality. The use of soundproof glass also helps the car achieve outstanding quietness, helping to elevate the interior space…Lighting is optimally arranged in the interior of a luxurious and modern car, with a highlight of the ceiling lights that can be adjusted in 16 colors in 4 different brightnesses just by manipulating the rear seat panel. or switches on the steering wheel, tailored to the individual preferences, moods or diverse usage scenarios of passengers.The luxurious four-seater version of the LM is suitable for the needs of high-class businessmen because this configuration provides a relaxing and private space, supporting the business activities of the owner. The LM distinguishes itself with its unique four-seat layout with two large, high-backed royal seats. With this layout, LM aims to create a comfortable rear-seat experience unmatched in the luxury car segment. The reclining angle of the seat is meticulously designed to bring relaxation, the passenger position relative to the window is also optimal.LM 4-seat version owns a rear compartment with a 26-inch color screen that is compatible with computers, smartphones, tablets and can play DVDs in Blue-ray format for entertainment purposes. The 14-liter refrigerator can hold glasses and premium wines… In particular, the glass of the partition separating the front seat area and the rear seat area can be adjusted with 3 privacy curtain modes. , helping to bring optimal comfort and privacy. The LM also has a 7-seat configuration option. For this layout, the first two rows of seats are two separate luxury single seats, and the third row of seats behind the car includes three-seater benches covered with high-class leather. The center row of seats has larger armrests and better support. This 7-seater configuration from LM is the ideal choice for high-class businessmen with the purpose of transporting the whole family.The LM350 will use a 3.5-liter dual camshaft (DOHC) gasoline engine with excellent fuel economy thanks to D-4S direct fuel injection technology and Dual VVT expansion intelligent variable valve timing system. -iW allows high torque to be achieved throughout the low to high engine speed range. LM’s suspension system combines swing valve damping technology as well as optimal steering to provide outstanding comfort for the driver and passengers on the vehicle.Lexus LM 350 in Vietnam will be sold with two versions of 4 seats and 7 seats, with front-wheel drive system. Level price of Lexus LM 350 2021 in Vietnam are sold genuine from 6.8 billion for the 7-seat version and 8.2 billion for the 4-seat version. This luxury MPV model is imported directly from Japan by Lexus Vietnam.Video: Details of the all-new LM luxury MPV.


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