General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong: Emulation is about training, training and building people

Secretary General and State President Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized that the emulation and commendation work is of special importance, contributing to creating a driving force for revolutionary activities.

Speaking at the Congress, General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong warmly congratulated and praised the results and achievements in the patriotic emulation movement and commendation work for the 5 years 2015 – 2020, congratulate the the typical advanced delegate to attend the Congress, the fresh flowers in the emulation movement of the country.

At the same time affirming: Our country has never had the current structure, potentiality, position and international reputation. Achievements in all fields of socio-economic development of the country in the past 5 years have been positively contributed by patriotic emulation movements. The patriotic emulation movement has really become a powerful driving force promoting all classes of people to promote their talents, intelligence, and initiatives to successfully implement the renovation, national development and cultural building. Vietnamese chemistry and people.

The Secretary General and President of the State noted that the patriotic emulation movement in the coming time should aim to encourage ministries, departments, branches, localities and people across the country to overcome all difficulties and challenges. good opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution and the trend of shifting investment, trade, digital transformation, the development of new types of business, changes in production, consumption and delivery modes in order to make the country continue to rise strongly, develop more and more, strive to successfully and comprehensively implement the tasks of socio-economic development in the five years 2021 – 2025.

The Secretary General and President emphasized a number of issues that need to be addressed:

Firstly, it is necessary to continue to thoroughly propagate and organize the implementation of the Party’s undertakings and lines, the State’s policies and laws on economic groups, especially to thoroughly grasp the thought of emulation. State of President Ho Chi Minh, to make economic corporations really the driving force, a measure to contribute to strengthening the Party building and a really clean and strong political system, building a social rule-of-law state. the true meaning of the people, by the people, for the people. Continuing to create a stronger change in the awareness of Party committees and authorities, the responsibility to set the example of heads of agencies and units in implementing economic groups. To uphold the responsibility in leading, directing and organizing the implementation of the economic corporations of the members of the Council of Economic Groups at all levels.

Secondly, the organization of emulation movements should have practical and specific objectives associated with the implementation of political tasks, socio-economic development of each ministry, department, branch, locality, units and must be conducted regularly and continuously. Along with regular emulation movements, it is necessary to launch emulation movements in batches, by topic, continue to innovate comprehensively, promote the creative spirit in the organization of emulation movements so that it is very useful. practical, avoid form, rut, boring, tedious.

Objects of emulation need to be broad, ensuring the harmony of interests: the interests of employees, interests of ministries, departments, branches, localities, agencies, units, and the interests of the whole society. Emulation movements should have specific and clear contents and criteria for easy implementation, easy inspection, supervision, and mobilization of the mass participation and positive response of the people.

Third, improve the quality of the commendation work, create strong and substantial changes, ensure accurate, timely, public, transparent commendation, have the effect of educating and setting an example. Pay attention and be specific with regulations on rewarding through the discovery of new typical features and factors, rewarding those who directly work, produce, and reward them by topic. Enhancing the detection of advanced typical examples, encouraging, timely rewarding, commendation must be in line with achievements and achieved results. Emulation is about training, training and building new people. Avoid formality.

Fourth, continue to promote the propaganda of emulation movements; coordinate with mass media in discovering, propagating and replicating advanced examples, setting examples of good people and good deeds, in order to promote and encourage patriotic emulation movement, contribute to creating emulation motivation successfully completed the assigned tasks.

Recalling President Ho Chi Minh’s saying: “Emulation soldiers are the new ones, those who always try to do things diligently, frugally, integrity, righteousness, loyal servants of the people, the children. the filial piety of the Fatherland ”, the General Secretary and the President suggested that after this Congress, more than 2000 representatives are typical, Heroes and Emulation Warriors present today continue to promote their abilities, intelligence and achievements. actively participate and act as the core in patriotic emulation movements at agencies, localities and units; good practices, good experiences quickly spread widely in the social community.

Fifth, emulation must ensure the leadership of the Party, attaching to the review, drawing experience and commendation. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to strengthening the training and improving the capacity of advising, proposing, practical capacity, detection and implementation capacity of the team of members of the Council of economic corporations, leading officials. , manager, full-time and part-time manager of economic groups. The contingent of people doing the work of economic groups should have pure ethical qualities, strong political bravery, grasp the Party’s undertakings and lines, the State’s policies and laws on economic groups, and have a wealth of knowledge. , having experience, sticking with the masses and emulation movements, especially it is very necessary to be very impartial, objective and innocent. At the same time, continue to consolidate the organizational apparatus towards a streamlined, effective, efficient and unified operation from the central to local levels and grassroots levels. This is an important factor determining the quality of advisory work and effective implementation of emulation movements and commendation work throughout the country, contributing to the successful implementation of the Congress Resolution. The XIII National Party of the Party to come

Emulation is emphasized as a strategic policy of the Party, a regular and continuous task of all levels, sectors, each agency, unit, General Secretary, President believes that achievements and lessons learned from practice in the past 5 years, with the efforts and solidarity of all officials, soldiers and people in the country, the economic groups and the movement. Our country’s patriotic emulation in the coming time will definitely have many new successes, creating an important new driving force, contributing to the process of accelerating the construction and defense of the country.

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