Gen Z artists join hands to renew Trinh’s music

Gen Z artists will participate in the EP “GenZ & Trinh” – Photo: Facebook

EP GenZ & Trinh inspired by 2 movies Trinh Cong Son and Me and Trinhjointly made by Universal Music Vietnam and film producer Galaxy EE, will be released on many music platforms in the near future.

Contributing to the EP are popular young singers such as My Anh, Juky San, Kien Trinh, Hoang Duyen, Obito, and Hoang Dung. The mixes are performed in two main styles, jazz swing and RnB, combined with a bit of nostalgia of lofi music.

“BILLIONToday’s young generation doesn’t listen to Trinh’s music much because perhaps his lyrics are a bit difficult to reach you. But when I researched the market, I found that Gen Z is very interested in lofi songs.

SIn an era of too much access to information, it must bring you unavoidable pressure. Finding music that is relatively slow to listen to has become the choice of many people today.

Jazz swing or RnB in the direction of lofi can be heard while sleeping, reading or playing in any coffee shop. I think this is the only way to help Trinh’s music reach more young people and on the other hand, adults can still listen to it” – the representative of the EP team replied. Youth Online.

‘Look at the autumns’ through My Anh’s singing – Source: Universal Music Vietnam

Music director Huynh Quang Tuan said, What worries the crew the most is whether to boldly change or reconcile new and old in the EP.

“At the beginning of the project, we discussed that if we keep doing the same thing as before, it will be difficult to keep young people’s inspiration to sing Trinh’s music in the future.

Young people perceive Trinh music differently than previous generations. I want you to express your own thoughts when thinking about the song without losing the spirit of Trinh’s music.

We aim these songs to be simple and rustic like Trinh’s music for so long. The highlight will come from the voice of young people, but still in the narrative style, the inherent sentiments of musician Trinh Cong Son. The mix we made is also very minimalistic to respect your voice and feelings about Trinh’s music “- Mr. Huynh Quang Tuan said.

The song ‘Sunglass’ was renewed through the singing of Avin Lu and Suni Ha Linh – Source: Film crew

The production team discovered a very interesting coincidence during the time of the project. Most of the songs in the EP were composed during the time when Trinh Cong Son was still looking at life through the eyes of a young man who had just passed the “door of death”, always burning with the desire to love and be loved.

That was the period from 1960 – 1965, Trinh Cong Son was at the age of 21 – 26, often spending all his time traveling here and there “to make up for the days of lying and being rejected in the misty B’lao”.

In the early 1960s, Trinh Cong Son’s name was still blurred in the Saigon music industry. He both taught in Bao Loc and wrote music to send to the city. His music at this time, although there was a lot of sadness and concern about the world of humanity, still retained a certain purity and purity of a young soul.

“And coincidentally, the Gen Z artists participating in the EP are also at the same age as Trinh Cong Son back then. Therefore, the EP can be viewed. GenZ & Trinh like a common voice of young people in two generations, nearly half a century apart from each other, “- the representative of the EP publisher confirmed.

Don’t put too much emphasis on being in the top trending

Trinh music is a precious cultural heritage that needs to be preserved, but not all artists dare to try the music that has penetrated into the minds of many generations of Vietnamese people. That’s why when accepting the project, producer Huynh Quang Tuan predicts that there will definitely be mixed opinions about his brainchild.

In the mood He didn’t expect top trending, he said he just hoped “when the current life goes by too fast and fast, you can slow down a little to feel the beauty and meaning of Trinh’s music”.


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