Gasoline prices may increase slightly tomorrow

Price of petroleum products in the world increased slightly, causing domestic prices to adjust by 40-120 VND per liter.

Today is the period of gasoline price adjustment, but since it is Sunday, the management and price change will be transferred to tomorrow (October 12).

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the average price of finished gasoline on the Singapore market, updated to October 8, of RON 92 averaged $ 46.35 a barrel, RON 95 gasoline was $ 47.85 a barrel, increasing 1-2% lighter compared to the previous cycle. Along the same trend, oil prices also inched slightly to over 44 USD a barrel.

The leader of the petroleum hub in Ho Chi Minh City said that with this trend, the operator could increase the price of gasoline by about 40-120 dong per liter, and the oil price by about 150 dong. But if the regulators spend using the Fund, the price of gasoline can be kept the same.

Staff selling gasoline to people on Tran Cao Van Street (District 1). Image: Quynh Tran.

Also, the new operating cycle gasoline price will increase slightly, but the director of a major business in Hanoi believes that, because the increase is quite low, the operator may spend using the fund to not have to increase the price of gasoline. .

On September 26, the authorities adjusted E5RON92 gasoline to reduce VND 51 per liter, to a maximum of VND 14,215; diesel oil decreased by 390 dong, maximum was 11,218 dong; kerosene also decreased by 144 VND, to 9,449 VND and madut oil up to 10,826 VND / kg, equivalent to a decrease of 117 VND. Particularly, the price of RON95 gasoline is kept unchanged at VND 14,980 per liter compared to 15 days ago.

To reduce the price of E5RON92 gasoline and petroleum products at that time, the regulator still used the Petroleum Price Stabilization Fund. This time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade did not deduct the price stabilization fund for E5RON92 gasoline, madut oil but 100 VND for RON95, 400 VND for diesel and 200 VND per liter for kerosene.

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