Gasoline and oil price increases

From 15:00, each liter of E5RON92 gasoline increased by 53 VND, RON95 III increased by 138 VND, and oil products also increased by 95-145 VND, except for diesel which remained unchanged.

According to information from the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance, with this price adjustment, the price of E5RON92 gasoline has reached a maximum of 14,268 VND and RON95 gasoline has the highest price of 15,122 VND. Kerosene increased by 145 VND per liter to 9,594 VND, madut oil was up to 10,921 VND / kg, equivalent to an increase of 95 VND. Diesel oil alone remained stable with the retail price of 11,128 VND / liter compared to 15 days ago.

To limit the increase in petrol and oil prices, the operator continues to use tools from the Stabilization Fund. This time, the ministry did not deduct funds for E5RON92 gasoline and madut oil. RON95 gasoline is quoted at 100 dong per liter, equivalent to the previous period. Diesel oil is reduced to 298 VND per liter, 400 VND per liter in the previous period, and 100 VND for kerosene.

People pour gas at the corner of Hai Ba Trung – Tran Cao Van (District 1, HCMC).Photo: Quynh Tran.

The executive agency also spent 1,200 dong from the fund to compensate for each liter of E5RON 92, the previous period was 1,100 dong. With the item RON 95 is 524 dong, as in the previous period, madut is 100 dong, kerosene is 100 dong, and diesel oil doesn’t pay for the fund.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance said that at this operating period, the world oil and oil price increased compared to the previous period. . Accordingly, E5RON92 gasoline increased by 1,253 VND per liter, RON95 gasoline increased by 662 VND per liter; oils increased by 112-355 VND per liter, kg.

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