Gamuda Land was honored at the Vietnam Property Awards

Gamuda Land received the best real estate developer award in Vietnam, the most important category at the Vietnam Property Awards 2020, on October 9.

Overcoming many big names in the real estate industry in Vietnam, Gamuda Land Vietnam is recognized in 8 categories, of which the category “Best Developer in Vietnam” (Best Developer) is an important item. most important in 49 categories this year competition.

Gamuda Land Vietnam is awarded the Best Real Estate Developer in Vietnam for its efforts to create a community. Image: Gamuda Land Vietnam.

In addition, this company has also been specially certified in the field of environmental protection (Special Recognition for ESG), Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction, and Sustainable Design ( Special Recognition in Sustainable Design and Build Communities (Special Recognition for Building Communities). Celadon City project in Ho Chi Minh City was honored in three categories of Best Masterplan Design, Best High End Condo Landscape Architectural Design and Best Sporting Facility.

Celadon City urban area (Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City) is one of the most appreciated projects in terms of green space coverage and integrated facilities. Throughout the development process, Gamuda Land upholds 4 business philosophies, a guideline for the development of the business and Celadon City: “Perfect for all designs, fully equipped, creating a healthy lifestyle and internal security “.


Gamuda Land Vietnam was honored in 8 important categories at the PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020. Photo: Gamuda Land Vietnam.

Gamuda Land Vietnam continues to affirm the prestige and quality of the brand when being honored with many prestigious award categories for developing projects. This is a real estate investor from Malaysia, belonging to Gamuda Berhad Group, one of the leading corporations in construction and infrastructure. This group has two decades of establishment and development with a series of urban areas in Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, and Singapore with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 2,500 hectares and a total investment value of up to 8.2 billion USD. Gamuda Land continues to affirm its position as the leading real estate developer in the region, creating green living spaces, integrating many conveniences in both physical and cultural and spiritual life for residents.

As one of the great and expected awards for its fairness, transparency and strict adherence to the highly appreciated standards, PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards has attracted many real estate names in Vietnam. The event aims to honor prominent developers in the real estate sector in Vietnam as well as projects that have contributed to improving the quality of life of the community and improving infrastructure.

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