From a suicide digging incident, ‘Bingo Memory’ was born, the bitterness behind the light

Lo Lo (middle) and La Kim Quyen (left cover) during a photo tour of ‘Lotto memory’ in An Giang – Photo: NVCC

Around May 2020, Lo Lo, the leader of the batch of Saigon Tan Thoi (Ho Chi Minh City), donated rice, supported accommodation expenses for troubled lot groups in provinces unable to operate because As a result of the epidemic, some groups are even unable to raise bingo.

During the relief trip in Binh Duong, hearing the story of a bingo suicide because of too difficult, Lo Lo decided to do a series of reality reportage series. Bingo memory as a tribute to the bingo groups operating in the province, as well as wanting to preserve this type of folk game.

“Each episode is the story of a bingo group, so that the audience can better understand the struggling life of bingo artists behind the limelight. It is also their enthusiasm for bingo, though difficult. No matter how much trouble I do not quit my job, above all, the audience’s more sympathy and support “, said Lo Lo.

Bingo memory recording the actual operation of the batches operating in all parts of the country, clearly reflecting the daily life of the botters, the concerns of the owners, the owners of the lottery, the termites to take care of rice and money to maintain the group activities.

From a suicide digging incident, Bingo memory was born, bitterness behind the light - Photo 2.

Ms. Ai Diem (left), the batch of Ai Diem – Hoang Nghia, said it was very difficult to maintain the caravan in the present time – Photo: NVCC

Over the past several months, taking advantage of the first days of the week and empty days, Lo Lo and members of the Saigon Tan Thoi lottery such as La Kim Quyen, Nha Vy, Cam Nhung … come to the team. bingo groups in the southwestern provinces, the Southeast … to participate in performances and video recording.

Lo Lo said: “Up to now, êkíp has completed filming 6 episodes. After Tet, we continue to maintain this activity, the destination is the central provinces and the North. We just do it, no. I say how many episodes do I do first, but I want to do as many episodes as possible “.

Each bingo team has a different color with different circumstances, different backgrounds, so each episode brings something new and interesting to the audience.

“Through this series, Quyen wants everyone to welcome people in the LGBT community like relatives, loved ones, as normal people in society. I hope that the family will open up and acknowledge the artists. I because family is the fulcrum, go anywhere and go home, “said La Kim Quyen.

From a suicide digging incident, Bingo memory was born, bitterness behind the light - Photo 3.

Ms. Ai Diem (middle) with her husband in the meeting to launch a reality reportage at the Saigon Tan Thoi lottery in Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: PHUONG NAM

Ai Diem – Hoang Nghia Lotto, operating in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces, is the first episode in a series of reality reportage series. The group has been officially active since 2000, having gone through three times of buying and selling the singing group, but with the love of bingo, Ai Diem continues to stick, even though rainy nights are only sparse with a few spectators.

Ai Diem confided with Youth Online: “Many nights lie thinking that I want to let go of the union, but I think I left school by bingo since grade 8 and consider it a main job is ingrained in the blood. Now no matter how extreme I pawn, borrow money to maintain. activities of the union and taking care of the life for the brothers and sisters in the union “.

“I do this job, sing on stage, if I stop breathing, die immortal, disintegrate the group, but the rest will be memories for my children and grandchildren. Through this film, I want the sisters of the same color” “Love the job, be persistent, determined to the job, not jealous, bitter together, sisters must love each other”, Ai Diem added.

Bingo memory broadcast on YouTube channel of Saigon Tan Thoi Lottery from February 1.


Lo Lo, who devotes a lot of enthusiasm to lotto – Photo: NVCC

Bingo combined tourism

“In the near future, the Saigon Tan Thoi lottery will combine to invite the The tour that leads guests to participate in the group’s performances, in order to contribute to promoting this folk art to a wider public, is also a way to help the artist’s life to be more strenuous ” , Lo Lo said.

From a suicide digging incident, Bingo memory was born, bitterness behind the light - Photo 6.

Ms. Ai Diem took bingo to serve the audience on the evening of 2-1 at the Saigon Tan Thoi Lottery – Photo: PHUONG NAM

From a suicide digging incident, Bingo memory was born, bitterness behind the light - Picture 7.

Representatives of the caravan appeared in the actual report series ‘Bingo Memory’ – Photo: PHUONG NAM

Saigon Tan Thoi brought bingo tour to Australia Saigon Tan Thoi brought bingo tour to Australia

TTO – After more than six months of preparation, today, September 25, Saigon Tan Thoi rickshaw was present in Australia to start a two-week tour in this country. This is the first time there has been a Vietnamese bingo group coming to Australia to perform.


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