Former SKT Coach: Faker is a perfectionist, so he cries even when … wins

The idea of ​​losing against SSG was the only time that made Faker shed tears, but that was not the case.

For the League of Legends community in general and Faker fans in particular, 2017 is truly a sad memory. The image of Faker collapsing on the table crying, in contrast to the scene celebrating the victory of the new kings of Samsung Galaxy has created a very heartbreaking inverse picture.

“Song has songs, people have times” and as SKT coach Kkoma said: “My players are ordinary people, they are not machines”. Faker’s tears that day was the relief of so many pent-up emotions. Fans cheered for Samsung Galaxy but need to admit that Faker’s tears that day was the hottest topic, most interested.

Recently, former SKT Coach – Rapidstar also shared that for him, one of the most memorable moments at the 2017 World Championship was Faker’s tears.

“It wasn’t the first time I saw her cry, but seeing her cry in front of the camera, I feel really sorry because as a coach, I didn’t do a good job to make her become complete. I understand how much effort Faker put in. We all know Faker is a genius in this game, but not only that. He worked so hard, practiced very well. There are many aspects of Faker that people do not know about, and it is being a perfectionist that makes the name Faker. “

On the other hand, Coach Rapidstar said 2017 wasn’t the only World Championship that made Faker cry: “It was the first time he (Faker) cried in front of the camera, but it wasn’t the first time I saw him cry after an important match. Take for example at MSI 2017, including our champions, Faker. also cried behind the scenes, because she was a perfectionist She set herself a very high standard and if she found herself falling short of, or below it, She will be very disappointed and sad. “

However, as mentioned above, the tears are the tears that overflow, whether they are feelings of sadness or happiness, they will be released in the most genuine and complete way. After that tear, not only Faker was reunited, but the world League of Legends community also had a more tolerant, more sympathetic view of the burdens placed on Faker’s shoulders in particular and the players in general. The throne also sometimes changes hands, success does not mean that it will never fail, T1 or Faker also has no obligation to “MUST WIN”, this is a fair game, if you win, you must lose.

Although this year’s CKTG lacks the Faker ball, the fans feel lighter, even fans are glad that the players will have time to rest, do what they want, receive lucrative advertising contracts, and stream. exchange more often.

In the latest developments, our president Faker has just joined the “successful cutting head” association, proving one thing that “everyone has to cut.”

“Everyone has to cut it out”


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