Foreign investors net bought trillion dong in the first week of the year

After two net selling sessions before Tet, foreign investors returned to be net buyers last week.

Another year of record market rally in the first week after Tet. At the end of the week, the VN-Index increased by more than 58 points (5.3%) to 1,173.5 points. On the Hanoi bourse, the HNX-Index increased by 2.5%, while the UPCoM-Index rose by 2.6%.

The market’s upturn momentum was partly due to the buying force of domestic investors with the leading role of individual investors and also from the return of net buying by foreign investors.

On HoSE, foreign investors net bought 25.6 million shares, equivalent to over 1,300 billion dong, with over 300 billion coming from put-through transactions.

VHM was the most net bought code in the first week of Tan Suu year with a value of 390 billion dong. Behind were other blue-chips such as HPG, VRE, VCB, MSN, VIC. Two domestic ETF certificates FUEVFVND (VFMVN DIAMOND ETF) and FUESSVFL (SSIAM VNFIN LEAD ETF) were also bought with the value of 200 billion and 126 billion dong, respectively.

On the contrary, VNM was sold the most with 248 billion dong. CTG and NVL net sold 148 billion and 63 billion dong, respectively.

Unlike HoSE, on HNX, foreign investors net sold 43.4 billion dong, mainly VNC and CSC. In contrast, NVB was bought the most with 19.4 billion dong.

According to data from FiinProand the proprietary trading division of securities companies net sold more than VND 270 billion in the first week of Spring. However, the transaction was mainly the agreement on domestic ETF fund certificates FUEVFVND and FUESSVFL for foreign investors. With matching order, self-trading saw more than 63 billion dong of HPG and 46 billion of TCB codes. On the contrary, this group sold out GAS, DXG, IJC, and VPB.

Minh Son


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