Ford Ranger XLS is still reducing up to 70 million at the dealer

After the official information to reduce the registration fee starting today, December 1, 2021, the auto market began to heat up when a series of customers signed deposits to wait for the registration date to enjoy the 50% discount on the registration fee. registration fee.

According to initial predictions, the reduction of registration fees and the policy of increasing demand-stimulating promotions of car manufacturers and distributors will bring double benefits to consumers at a time when the economy is in decline due to the recent developments. complications of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Ford Ranger XLS reduced 70 million at dealers, many places began to “cut” incentives after information about reducing registration fees.

However, right after the Government decided to reduce the registration fee by 50% from December 1, 2021, a series of car models began to “cut” promotions, even giving up attractive incentives, selling at the listed prices. leaving many customers feeling disappointed.

Ford Ranger in Vietnam is a typical car model. If in the last 1-2 months, Ford’s pickup model was sold with a deep discount of up to hundreds of millions of dong, now, the highest incentive is only 70 million dong. To enjoy this offer, customers must choose the XLS version.

Outside Ford Ranger XLS discount, the remaining versions are sold at the list price. If there is a promotion, it is only “give and have” such as gifting accessories, support for car loans on installments, support to reduce registration fees,… For more information, please visit our website. See the section Buying and selling cars for Ranger.

A consultant said that the agency’s “cutting” of promotions in November is not necessarily based on the Government’s support policy to reduce 50% of registration fees, but because the supply is in short supply.

Ford Ranger XLS is holding me 70 million VND for a long time-Hinh-2
In addition to the discounted Ford Ranger XLS, the remaining versions are sold at the list price.

Citing evidence for his words, he added: Not only did the Ford Ranger fall into a shortage, but the “brother” Ford Everest also suffered the same. Ford’s urban car model was previously offered incentives up to one hundred million dong, but now buyers can only access the highest reduction of 60 million dong.

The reason for the scarcity of supply is due to a shortage of semiconductor chips, affecting the performance of auto assembly plants in Thailand. As for the high-performance car model Ford Ranger Raptor, the source of goods is limited, so each dealer can only deliver a small number of cars. Many places sell at the right price, but there are places to take advantage of the “price difference” opportunity to VND 50 million.

Sample Ford Ranger pickup truck currently being assembled in the country and on the list of vehicles entitled to a 50% reduction in registration fees. This will be a lever to help Ford Ranger sublimate strongly in the final months of 2021. It is estimated that if the 50% reduction in registration fee is applied, buyers will save up to more than 30 million VND, depending on the session. version, depending on the locality.


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