Ford Mustang Quadra, unique driver in the game “Cyperpunk 2077”

If you are a video game enthusiast and still follow the world gaming industry news, then you must be eagerly waiting for “Cyperpunk 2077”. This game is one of the most anticipated products this year, and promises to bring new success to CD Projekt Red.Ford Mustang “Quadra” is a unique car born through the partnership of Rockstar Energy Drink and CD Projekt Red.Set in the distant future, the world of Cyperpunk 2077 has a multitude of high-tech vehicles, cars with fancy designs with extraordinary speeds. Therefore, energy drink brand Rockstar Energy Drink, a companion of countless gamers, has partnered with CD developer Projekt Red to create a Ford Mustang based on one of the cars. players can drive in the game.Piece Ford Mustang is unique This is called Quadra, which is similar to the model name in the game. Starting work with a 1970 Ford Mustang fitted with a 4.9-liter V8 engine, the Rockstar Performance Garage team added several updates to change the look and performance of the aging muscle car.Specifically, the Ford Mustang Quadra This has been fitted with an all-new grille, including the Quadra badge, which covers the headlights, while also featuring a more modern fog lights and backward, degree-level “Quadra Yellow” cover with details. contrasting black, and a set of black Rotiform wheels.Quadra has also been upgraded to the chassis to match the new majestic exterior. Although Rockstar Performance Garage kept the V8 engine block, they upgraded it with new equipment such as fuel injectors, a pair of 3-inch K&N air filters, and a Magnaflow dual exhaust system.Setting up the coil suspension, disc brakes at all four corners, and a set of Mickey Thompson tires ensure the Quadra can accelerate, bend, and burn the tires skillfully.Inside, the car gets new seats and various changes including carbon fiber trim, a custom 3-spoke steering wheel, Kicker sound system, and an upgraded instrument panel with various Various color themes.Quadra will be a reward for a lucky fan, and the Rockstar Performance Garage doesn’t share the cost of building a muscle car. Ford Mustang special this.Video: Ford Mustang Quadra, tuned in the game “Cyperpunk 2077”.


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