Ford Maverick 2022 pickup “fixes price” more than 460 million triệu

Ford has officially launched the smallest model in its pickup line, named New Ford Maverick 2022. The American car brand calls the Maverick the first American pickup model with a standard powertrain of a hybrid engine, and also the pickup with the lowest fuel consumption on the market, expected at 5, 88 liters / 100 km in the inner city, average at 7.6 liters / 100km.With a small pickup truck design, so the size of the model Ford Maverick 2022 pickup truck how much? According to the announcement, the Maverick 2022 is 5,072 mm long and 1,745 mm wide, about 282 mm shorter and 53 mm lower than the Ford Ranger, formerly Ford’s smallest pickup.Ford believes the Maverick will attract many potential customers who are looking for a practical model but have never thought of a pickup. The current car market in the US is currently dominated by two lines of SUVs and pickups, although SUVs are targeted by many people, if there is a neat pickup model with a starting price of only $ 19,995 (more than VND 46 million), Maverick is really an option to consider.
Notably, right from the standard version, All-new Ford Maverickrick has been equipped with a hybrid powertrain, including a 2.5L 4-cylinder internal combustion engine, with a capacity of 162 horsepower combined with an electric motor of 126 horsepower.This powertrain gives the car a total capacity of 191 horsepower, which is transmitted to all 4 wheels through a continuously variable CVT gearbox. The hybrid powertrain on the Maverick also makes the car capable of operating 805 km with only one fuel tank, a payload of 680 kg and the ability to tow a trailer 907 kg.

As a pickup, of course the Ford Maverick cannot be without the trunk. Ford has equipped Maverick with a large enough trunk with a size of 1.4 meters, which can be expanded to 1.8 meters when the trunk door is opened. Although this number is not very impressive, in return the Maverick truck has a design and some quite smart support utilities.Specifically, the two sides of the crate are available with bracing slots, allowing users to use 2×4 (inch) or 2×6 (inch) wooden slats to stratify or divide the cargo compartment for the vehicle.
In addition, the trunk also has 2 lanyard hooks, 4 lanyard hooks and many pre-tapped waiting holes so that customers can install more accessories and equip the trunk. The trunk door is also capable of opening multiple levels to make it more convenient for customers.Ford Maverick has 2 111V power outlets, one inside the cockpit and one right on the left side of the trunk. At the other end of the left side of the car is a small storage compartment, allowing users to store some small accessories, a set of 12V wires waiting for users to install more lights or accessories. necessary.
Inside the cockpit Ford Maverick owns an entertainment system with an 8-inch screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Operating this system will be the FordPass Connect feature with Wifi broadcasting feature that allows connecting up to 10 devices. Customers with higher needs can upgrade to the optional SYNC3 operating system on the Lariat trim level.In addition to the storage space in the trunk, Maverick also has cleverly arranged niches and storage compartments right inside the cockpit, including: a storage compartment in the car door that can fit a 1-liter water bottle, a tablet. or even a small laptop; Underneath the back seat of the car is a fairly large storage compartment, which can hold a variety of items such as car repair kits, first aid bags or lanyard systems.According to Ford’s announcement, the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck will be sold in the third quarter of this year with 3 versions: XL, XLT and Lariat.Loyal customers will also have the opportunity to order a special edition First Edition Model or an upgraded FX-4 Off-Road Package exclusively for the AWD model. This upgrade package will add a cooling system to the car, engine undercarriage, 17-inch wheels and many other accessories.Video: Details of the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup.


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