Ford GT Heritage Edition for sale 35 billion, Vietnamese giants are hungry

The super car New generation Ford GT Suddenly appearing in front of a showroom specializing in importing supercars in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City on the evening of May 11, 2021, made domestic car enthusiasts excited. The vehicle is unknown Supercar Ford GT xe Does this have an owner yet, but the fact that a private import company brought the Ford GT home when this model was having a resale price on the “old car floors” was 3 to 4 times the factory price, making many people shocked. .For example, many pieces Supercar Ford GT New generation used is for sale in the world for over 1 million dollars. In it, Ford once offered an ex-factory price of $ 400,000 for customers allowed by the company to order. A Ford GT supercar Heritage Edition is being offered for sale at 1.2 million euros, equivalent to 35 billion dong.New Ford GT Heritage Edition produced in limited quantities and not everyone with the money can buy a new car from the factory. Instead, customers often buy cars from dealers and the selling price is “screamed” by 3 times. This Ford GT Heritage Edition supercar has any Vietnamese customers “blood” to own.At Monterey Car Week 2017 taking place in California, USA last August, Ford unveiled the GT ’67 Heritage Edition, a supercar commemorating Ford’s victory at the 1967 Le Mans race. There were only 250 supercars. Ford GT standard version was produced in the first 2 years, so the number of GT ’67 Heritage Edition supercars “released” will be extremely limited.In terms of design, the Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition supercar has some differences compared to the standard version, the first impression is the Race red “vest” with the highlight of 2 white stripes running from the bonnet, On the ceiling, the rear end or the number 1 on the bonnet and the two sides of the car is reminiscent of the legendary GT40 Mark IV race car that helped Ford have a historic victory at the 1967 Le Mans race.Entering the cockpit, the Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition has received changes compared to the standard version such as Ebony leather sport seats combined with carbon fiber material. The red seat belt also highlights the interior of this supercar. The entertainment system is equipped with a new LCD screen.The new generation Ford GT supercar is equipped with the most powerful EcoBoost engine block of the Ford family.This “heart” is a 3.5-liter V6 engine, turbocharged, producing a maximum capacity of 657 horsepower. The car comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.In appearance, the Ford GT supercar impresses with its strong design, personality LED headlights and beautiful butterfly doors, but creates a narrow space for people to sit in and out of the cockpit. The rear end of the Ford GT supercar developed like a racing car.Video: New generation Ford GT supercar special edition.


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