Ford Explorer super luxury limousine, offering more than 1.37 billion

This limo SUV is built on the model 2016 Ford Explorer, currently rolling only nearly 29,000km. The wheelbase is lengthened, the interior is modified with the equipment of a real limo. Notably, the car still retains the third row of seats.Piece Ford Explorer limo version Dressed in Ford 3-layer White Platinum Metallic exterior color, combined with Ebony Black interior.All the upgrades in terms of space seem to be concentrated exclusively for the second row. The Explorer features a bench with seat belts, opposite a small but well-designed bar.The third row of seats does not benefit from the increased length between the front and rear wheels. Rear seat space remains unchanged compared to the regular version, if not a bit more claustrophobic. Roughly, the total number of seats in the car is about 12 people.The ultra-luxury Ford Explorer limousine also features a TV at the back along with a rear sunroof for added fun.Powering this unique Explorer version is still Ford’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, producing 365 hp and 474 Nm of torque. The 6-speed automatic transmission and the 4-wheel drive remain unchanged. Price Ford Explorer limousine This unique super luxury is being sold for 59,998 USD (khaongr 1.37 billion), slightly higher than the usual price of 45,000 USD (about 1.24 billion VND) of Explorer.Video: Touching the face of the Ford Explorer super luxury limousine on the street.


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