Ford continues to “tease” the new Ranger 2022, with a more beautiful design

After releasing the teaser video New generation Ford Ranger test run last month. Ford Thailand continues to release photos “teasing” Ranger 2022 with the hashtag #NextGenRanger (new generation Ranger). Based on the rear teaser image of Ranger 2022, it can be seen that the new full-LED rear cluster has a rounded design.Rear trunk lid of Ford Ranger 2022 pickup With strong veins, details of the handle opening the rear trunk with integrated LED lights (brake) are firmly designed, full of masculinity. In addition, the Ford Ranger 2022 is also designed with a new set of 6-spoke dual-spoke wheels, 2-tone color scheme.As for the front of the car, although it has been covered to hide the design, the new generation Ford Ranger reveals many new changes in the exterior such as a large full-LED headlight cluster integrated with a positioning LED strip to create a new look. boomerang shape, reminiscent of the large F-150 pickup. In addition, the large grille cluster with many strong design spokes is a detail not to be missed in the new generation Ford Ranger.All-new Ford Ranger promises to bring a more attractive design than ever, thanks to inheriting the design “DNA” from the large F-150 pickup line. Therefore, Ford Ranger 2022 will certainly continue to conquer customers by its masculine and aggressive design. Attractive design is Ford’s strength in the development of pickups and SUVs ever.Regarding the engine and transmission, the new generation Ford Ranger is rumored to have a new plug-in hybrid version (unknown with which engine combination). In addition to the 2.3-liter turbocharged 4cyl gasoline engine version with Ecoboost technology like the current generation sold in the North American market. It is highly likely that Ford will continue to maintain a 10-speed automatic transmission for the new generation Ranger.Most likely, global Ford will introduce the new generation Ford Ranger by the end of this year – 2021, before going on sale early next year. Thus, after being sold in markets such as Thailand, the new generation Ford Ranger will be introduced in the Vietnamese market, as early as the middle of next year.Video: Ford continues to “tease” the new Ranger 2022.


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