First Vietnamese bank to deploy SAP customer data platform

VIB deploys a customer data platform with a solution from SAP technology group with the goal of serving more than 10 million customers in the next 5 years.

The kick-off ceremony of the CDP (Customer Data Platform) project, also known as the Customer Data Platform for International Bank (VIB), with a solution from SAP technology group and the implementation team from Technology Consulting Joint Stock Company. NGS technology just took place on June 22. This is also the next step in the strategy of bringing customer data and developing banking applications on multi-cloud computing infrastructure that VIB has deployed since 2021.

CDP (Customer Data Platform) also known as customer data platform allows to create unified, continuous records of all customers, attributes and data. CDP builds a complete, consistent and complete picture of the customer. This data can then be used to automate marketing and sales programs and perform analytics on their performance. With this data platform, businesses can integrate with existing data and enable retrieval of the data it stores.

Within 6 months, the CDP project at VIB will be deployed on: Usecases on CDP, CDC (segmentation model, customer journey); building AI/ML to provide recommendation models; integrating customer data between VIB’s existing systems and SAP CDP solution; develop an in-depth business analysis reporting system; develop 360-degree customer portraits; customer marketing in real time (Digital marketing).

Representatives of VIB and SAP Vietnam at the CDP project kick-off ceremony.

With the implementation of CDP, VIB will develop a centralized customer database system of VIB for all products and services, all sales channels. In parallel, it is applying new technologies in analyzing and predicting behavior and identifying customer segments. The solution also contributes to optimizing the customer journey, providing relevant product and content recommendations, and enhancing customer interaction with VIB’s services.

Tran Nhat Minh, Deputy General Director and Head of Banking Technology Division of VIB, said that the bank always focuses on investing and applying new technologies to products and services with the vision of becoming an innovative bank. and most customer-oriented in Vietnam.

“With the focus on retail, we are serving about 3.5 million customers, in the next 5 years, the goal will be more than 10 million customers,” Mr. Minh said.

According to a VIB representative, after Covid-19, customers’ habits have changed such as rarely going to the bank’s physical transaction points and often interacting on social networks and digital platforms. This means that banks will have to change, using technology to better understand their customers and interact with them on digital platforms.

“That’s why VIB implemented a customer data platform (CDP) project, although we have also implemented a number of individual projects on data and customer relationship management (CRM) before. However, CDP is a big project that is supported by the bank’s leadership in terms of policy and focuses a lot of resources of the bank,” added Mr. Tran Nhat Minh.

Representatives of VIB, SAP Vietnam and NGS at the CDP project kick-off ceremony on the morning of June 22

Representatives of VIB, SAP Vietnam and NGS at the CDP project kick-off ceremony on the morning of June 22

VIB selected the CDP solution from SAP, the world’s leading supplier of business planning software, with the implementation team of NGS company. The project will apply new solutions, deploying on new technologies (cloud computing, applying Machine Learning – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models) to the specific field of banking.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Viet, General Director of SAP Vietnam, said that the customer journey has no end. The fact that the bank identifies a strategy and vision that focuses on the core value of connecting with customers through data will help the bank be more flexible in managing connections, building programs and plans. meet customer needs, build a more flexible and personalized customer journey.

The 2021 Banking Panorama special cited the Digital Banking Report’s research in 2021, saying that, after the digital transformation strategy, the strategy of increasing customer experience is the number 2 priority in the banking industry. Some recent market research reports also indicate that a fixed mechanism will not satisfy every customer’s wishes. Meanwhile, customers’ expectations for a personalized experience are gradually increasing, if businesses do not personalize the journey of providing services and products, there will be a risk of losing potential customers and rates. low conversion rate. And to personalize the customer experience, building a customer journey will create a competitive advantage for the bank.

SAP is a European leader in enterprise application software. SAP’s machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and deep analytics technologies help customers turn into smart businesses.

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