Find a solution to the problem of offshore wind power

The guests are talking in the seminar. Photo of Ha Anh

The Workshop on Offshore Wind Power Management and Supply Chain was organized by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project (Project 4E) and the Energy Institute. At this workshop, experts and delegates had the opportunity to directly discuss risks that may be encountered in logistics and offshore wind power supply chains from legal perspectives, of the supply chain, by developers, as well as by manufacturers. Various risk management measures have been proposed to be implemented, especially for the operation and transportation of heavy goods offshore. The workshop also focused on technical requirements in developing the market for fixed and floating foundation wind power. In addition, practical experiences when entering new markets are also proposed for Vietnam, in order to solve outstanding problems in the industry.

TSKH. Tran Ky Phuc, Director of the Institute of Energy said: “Vietnam has many potentials and advantages to develop offshore wind power. According to the Politburo’s Resolution No. 55-NQ / TW on the orientation of the Vietnam National Energy Development Strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2045, offshore wind power is a breakthrough solution. Vietnam’s offshore wind energy up to 2045 is expected to reach around 20 GW. However, state management agencies, consultants as well as investors are facing many difficulties in the management, design and logistics services in the process of applying for approval of offshore wind power projects. . This workshop hopes to partially solve those difficulties. ”

Mr. Henri Wasnick – Senior Advisor of Renewable Energy at the Institute of Energy shared: “Offshore wind power has the potential to play a key role in Vietnam’s energy transition, especially in the implementation of CO2 minimization, energy security and socio-economic development. A sustainable domestic supply chain will provide a great opportunity to reduce energy costs and develop an autonomous export industry for a number of specialized sectors. This potential should be focused on extensive development, in order to optimize domestic and international energy sources. “

Along with other renewable energy sources such as solar energy, bioenergy, … wind energy has made a great contribution to supporting Vietnam to realize its dual goals, while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring a sustainable supply of energy at an affordable price. Wind power projects are expected to explode in the coming years, requiring an upgrade in supply chain management and logistics for wind power projects in general, and offshore wind power projects in particular. This helps to reduce delays in project implementation and more effective project roadmap planning. Utilizing domestic value added, along with building an appropriate legal framework, will support the development of Vietnam’s energy market.

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