Ferrari SF90 Spider over 26 billion in Hong Kong, Vietnamese giants “crave”

Recently, Ferrari dealership in Hong Kong officially introduced the SF90 Spider hybrid supercar to the rich in Huong Cang. This move makes the rich in Vietnam very interested because there is still no convertible supercar New Ferrari SF90 Spider can I bring back an S-shaped strip of land?The SF90 Spider is the convertible version of the line Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar 2 units were returned to Vietnam and one SF90 Stradale was preparing to return to Vietnam to hand over to Cuong Do. There is also a Vietnamese customer who chose to buy a Ferrari SF90 Spider, but it is unclear when he will return home and buy a genuine or private car.It is known that the first batch of Ferrari SF90 Spider convertible supercar to be handed over to customers in Hong Kong can be made in the fourth quarter of this year, but if the order is closed now, the giants can only. received the car in mid-2022, which shows that the Ferrari SF90 Spider is almost sold out in the world.In Huong Cang, Ferrari SF90 Spider price tag is HK $ 8,829,488 (equivalent to VND 26.2 billion). The new Ferrari SF90 Spider convertible supercar arrives in Hong Kong in a sandy yellow color. The interior of the car is dark and uses the left handlebar, which means the car is on display and will be re-exported later.Ferrari SF90 Spider supercar is equipped with the same hybrid powertrain as the Ferrari SF90 Stradale version, which means that the convertible also brings a total capacity of 1,000 hp and 900 Nm of maximum torque. This admirable power comes from the combination of a twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 780 hp with three electric motors adding 220 hp.Ferrari’s latest retractable hardtop technology only needs 100 liters of space when retracted and 40 kg lighter than the conventional retractable hardtop thanks to the use of aluminum. It also comes with an electronically adjustable rear window and takes only 14 seconds to operate.Ferrari says it has moved the cockpit a bit forward from the Stradale, the roof is also lowered by 20 mm, and has made the A-pillars thinner plus a steeper windshield.Ferrari confirmed that the SF90 Spider convertible supercar is as fast as the SF90 Stradale when it only takes 2.5 seconds to accelerate from the starting position to 100 km / h, and only 7 seconds to sprint from 0-200. km / h, while the top speed is 340 km / h.Transforming the Ferrari SF90 into a convertible made the car more than 100 kg heavier because of the necessary body frame reinforcement and a special hood mechanism. Therefore, the total unladen weight of the Ferrari SF90 Spider supercar is now 1,670 kg.The Spider’s interior remains the same as the Stradale, which means it still has a 16-inch curved HD digital dashboard that features a wealth of information and personalization options. In addition, the interior of the car also features HUD and Ferrari’s latest touch control system on the steering wheel and dashboard.Video: Details of the new Ferrari SF90 Spider convertible.


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