Ferrari Enzo 60 billion dong “torn” when dealer staff test drive

Service Ferrari Enzo crashes happened at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday (January 18) local time in the Baarn region of the Netherlands. A witness present saw the Ferrari Enzo moving at very high speed suddenly lost control and crashed directly into a nearby tree.As a result, the two right wheels fell off the axle, the rear of the car was broken and some long scratches along the body. All the airbags are deployed, but the carbon fiber monocoque frame and the V12 engine block are placed in the middle of the car Ferrari Enzo million dollars This doesn’t seem to be affected.According to the local news agency, a photographer who happened to be at the scene of the accident saw an employee of the Kroymans Ferrari dealership driving the Enzo. That suggests that the crash could have happened during the test drive. Other sources claim that a mechanic drove the vehicle to check its performance.However, the license plate The ill-fated Ferrari Enzo This is believed to be in the name of dealer Kroymans Ferrari, but was removed before the ambulance arrived. A spokesman for the agency declined to comment on the case.The Enzo is one of the most iconic Ferrari models, with 400 units produced between 2002 and 2004. According to car enthusiasts, 20 years after production began, seeing Ferrari Enzos on the road is increasingly rare – partly because owners choose to display Enzos in their garages instead. for use as a means of daily transportation.Currently, the value of Ferrari Enzo supercar still tends to increase year by year. It is estimated that the damaged car in the article when it is launched on the market will be for sale from about 2 – 3 million USD (about 45.5 – 68.2 billion VND). Currently on forums or auctions, Ferrari Enzo is always a hot spot for car collectors.Video: Ferrari Enzo “broken” when dealer staff test drive.


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