Federbocce & Bmw, agreement for the Paralympic activity

Important partnership between the Italian Bocce Federation and BMW Especially for the sporting activity of the Paralympic Boccia. In one of the dealerships in Rome of the German car manufacturer, the delivery to Federal President Marco Giunio De Sanctis of one of the cars covered by the sponsorship agreement.

“We inherited the BMW brand from FISPES, when the Paralympic Boccia was one of the sports disciplines of the Italian Paralympic and Experimental Sports Federation – explained the president of the FIB – We have redefined the agreement in a way that was advantageous for everyone and, obviously, for Federbocce. A success that goes beyond all expectations, in light of this difficult time for the economy due to the health emergency ”.

The agreement provides for a sponsorship for the Paralympic Boccia and the use of some cars, “and from here an all-round collaboration will start with the idea of ​​also equipping the territory with BMW cars, so as to have only one brand in each region “.

“In this particular moment, the company has decided to focus again on sport and, for this reason, I thank BMW and those who collaborated in the partnership – explained De Sanctis – Special thanks to the Communications, Marketing and Major Events Office. There was great collaboration in order to reach a wide-ranging sponsorship, which in the future we plan to open to affiliates and members ”.

“A new year begins, which along the lines of the difficult 2020 that we leave behind, at least in the early periods, will be difficult – De Sanctis is projecting to the future – The Italian Bocce Federation, however, is doing everything for the movement”.

“On the Paralympic Boccia front, the international events have been canceled, so in 2021 we will try to organize something important at a national and promotional level, in order to increase the catchment area of ​​this wonderful discipline”, concluded De Sanctis.

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