Father’s Day: 9 beautiful songs, meaning about father and son love

Hoai Lam, Ngoc Son, Phan Manh Quynh (from left to right) successfully performed a song about their father

Father’s Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June every year. This year, Father’s Day falls on June 20.

first. Father’s Love

When it comes to the song about dad, people will probably think of the song Father’s Love composed and performed by singer Ngoc Son.

Can speak, Father’s Love is a beautiful, moving song that brings tears to many generations of Vietnamese music lovers. This is also a beautiful and happy memory of a son when he is with his father even though his childhood is difficult and difficult.

The song ‘Father’s love’ through Ngoc Son singing – Source: RANG DONG Shows

The lyrics are close and familiar as a message to the son to always remember the birth, upbringing and spiritual love of a father for his son.

Every time I hear the tune”Father’s love is as warm as the sun / Sweet as water flowing upstream / Life is hard for me / How deep is the love / Father, dear old father…“, listeners were filled with emotion about father.

2. Old father silhouette

This is also another touching composition about singer Ngoc Son’s father. The song has a poignant melody, meaningful words, depicting the image of an old father who sacrifices his whole life for his children.

When listening to this song, so many memories of the hard childhood with my father came rushing back. Even in difficult times, fathers always give good things to their children.

Ngoc Son once again makes music listeners touch their emotions when listening to the melody Old father silhouette.

The song ‘Shadow of an old father’ through the singing of Ngoc Son, Nguyen Hung Cuong – Source: THVL Ca Nhac

3. Dad told me

Song Dad told me composed by musician Nguyen Hai Phong. This is also a song that many people love when it comes to their father.

The lyrics are as simple as a father’s confession to his son when recounting his child’s childhood days. Thereby, the father entrusts his children with faith and dreams about the future, about a happy life and becoming a person in the future.

The song is performed by the author himself gently but no less skin.

The song ‘Daddy told me’ performed by the author Nguyen Hai Phong – Source: NHP Entertainment

4. Father and daughter

This is a composition by musician Nguyen Van Chung, the musician who owns the famous song Mom’s Diary, Dad’s Little Daughter…

This song expresses the heart of a little girl who wants to send her father. Those are the beautiful memories of being picked up by his father, taking care of his sleep and meals from childhood to adulthood.

The song ‘Father and daughter’ through Thuy Chi’s singing – Source: THUY CHI OFFICIAL

The song is emotional through Thuy Chi’s singing. Father and daughter Also the soundtrack song in the movie trong The father-in-law married the father-in-law.

5. Why not father?

Why not father? It’s a soundtrack song Godfather Written and performed by Phan Manh Quynh. The MV for the song about father’s love has reached more than 1.2 million views after only 12 hours of release. This is a rare achievement so far in the film music genre.

The song was written based on MC Tran Thanh’s idea of ​​a father who loves his child silently. But after all, the son understands the love and sacrifice of his father.

Possessing a gentle melody, simple lyrics, and songs Why not father? quickly create a strong impression in the hearts of listeners.

The song “Why don’t you” was composed and performed by Phan Manh Quynh – Source: TRAN THANH TOWN

6. Father and son

Father and son is a song honoring fatherhood, written in the rock music style, composed and performed by the group Wall. This song is considered different from other songs written about father’s love.

The song with lyrics praising the father’s silent sacrifice for his son touched the audience.

The song ‘Father and Son’ by the Wall – Source: Tuong FC

7. Being a father

Song Being a father composed by Duong Truong Giang, expressed through Hoai Lam’s singing. This song created Hoai Lam’s echo in the public’s heart.

Especially, Hoai Lam is the director for the song’s MV Being a father. He inserted into the MV the old images from the short film he once participated in along with the scene of him sitting on the piano by the beach, making the song more emotional.

The song ‘Father’ performed by Hoai Lam – Source: Hoai Lam

8. Thank you dad

This is a song composed by musician Nguyen Hong Thuan, performed by Ho Ngoc Ha and friends. The song is a son’s deep gratitude to his father, who had the merit of raising him.

Ho Ngoc Ha conveyed the message and emotion that touched listeners’ hearts through an unforgettable melodious melody.

The song ‘Thank you father’ performed by Ho Ngoc Ha and friends – Source: Gala Nhac Viet

9. Dad

Dad is a composition by Anh Tuan, a member of the MTV group. This song is performed by the vocals of MTV, Karik, Vo Trong Phuc, Ngo Duy Khiem, Nguyen Quan and The Zoo.

The lyrics are shared by a father for his child. Then, this child will also become the father of children like the father experienced. Song Dad has brought many awards for MTV.

The song ‘Cha’ through the performance of MTV, Karik, Vo Trong Phuc, Ngo Duy Khiem, Nguyen Quan and The Zoo – Source: MTV Official Group


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