F0 gets home: Peace of mind!

F0 after coming home, what to do? The first is not to leave the house until the health sector allows; continue to self-isolate with family members, keep a distance of over 2 meters, both sides are full of masks and drop shields when resupplying.

Next, when you go home, that is, you have recovered from the disease, are entering the recovery phase, if you are still positive, it is also at a level where the possibility of spreading to others is very low and can not get serious anymore. because the dangerous period has passed.

Instead of worrying, you should focus on drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising in moderation. It is necessary to keep the place of residence (well-ventilated room, regularly cleaned), eat clean, drink clean, wear a mask and wash hands when going to the toilet. Calmly wait for the notification from the medical staff to be tested again. You can totally work online or do other normal things in the space of your room, because a little moderate activity is always beneficial for recovery.

Medical staff measure the temperature of people in isolation Photo: Jiangnan

You also should not worry when the health sector does not follow up with re-positive cases in the future. Because, after a period of research, trying to culture the virus from a person who was re-positive in the laboratory, it was found that the re-positive was only the appearance of the virus corpse, but the body was not contagious. The monitoring results of many re-positive cases in our country have also confirmed this again. Until the medical profession confirms that you are completely cured and reintegrated, you do not need to worry anymore.

The safest person today against the Covid-19 epidemic is someone who has just recovered from the disease, has a lot of antibodies, then someone who has just been vaccinated. So, if F0 has recovered from the disease, you should not worry about why no one asks you to get vaccinated.

Studies around the world show that the immunity of people who have been infected with Covid-19 until 6 months later is still there. Some countries, when enough vaccines are available, often re-inject people who have had Covid-19 after 6 months, for prevention. I believe that 6 months later, vaccines in our country will be more abundant, including some domestic vaccines, which help ensure long-term vaccine security and people can easily get booster shots if the studies Research shows it’s necessary.

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