“Extreme” Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021 more than 10 billion

Trademark Mercedes-AMG held a showcase for the new GT Black Series super sports car, allowing journalists to explore the current most powerful and expensive three-pointed-star brand’s vehicle.New Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series owns a look inspired by the GT3 and GT4 racing cars. As a result, the car has a larger aggressive grille, an adjustable carbon fiber splitter and a lot of other parts made from carbon fiber.Most impressive is the new carbon hood with two large air vents on the sides and a small cavity in the center.A closer look, it can be seen that the car also owns a carbon fiber “double bubble” roof, carbon fiber cladding and a unique two-piece tail spoiler (manual and electric) with an integrated small wing. All these modifications help the AMG GT Black Series 2021 to produce amazing pressure of up to 400 kg at speeds of 250 km / h.“The heart” of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021 is a twin-turbocharged V8 4.0L flat crankshaft, for an impressive capacity of 720 horsepower and a maximum torque of 800 Nm, more than 143 hp and 100 Nm. compared to GT R Pro.Connecting to a reinforced 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox to “cope” with the increased torque, with rear-wheel drive, the 4.0L engine helps Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series accelerate from 0 – 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds, 0 – 200 km / h in less than 9 seconds, and a top speed of up to 325 km / h.Like the AMG GT R and GT R Pro, the Black Series models have coil suspension, adaptive shock absorbers, adjustable anti-roll bars, and flexible adjustable camber angle (reclining or facing inward. of the wheel).In the UK market, Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro price already very expensive, up to £ 188,345 (about VND 5,658 billion), but GT Black Series 2021 is almost twice as expensive, at £ 335,000 (more than 10 billion).Video: Close-up “food” Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021.


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