Expert Long Phan: ‘The mistake of F0 investors is to like to speculate’

Buying shares according to rumors, liking hot stocks, not learning about businesses are mistakes that cause newcomers to lose money when participating in securities.

Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long (Long Phan), founder and CEO of AFA Group, eBox speaker pointed out that new investors without enough knowledge and experience will easily fall into the “trap” of buying and selling according to news. rumor. In the market, there are always intentional rumors, sometimes originating from businesses themselves, to manipulate the buying and selling of investors. If it is easy to believe these things, the probability of loss for newbies will be very high.

The speculative mentality of “hit fast, win fast” makes F0 investors impatient, forgetting to set up a long-term strategy. Mr. Long believes that this is a common psychology of newbies to securities, but it easily leads to many wrong decisions such as swinging after speculative, hot, high-risk stocks, or buying according to the advice of investors. do not really understand the business and its financial and business situation.

Expert Long Phan as a speaker at securities eBox.

The founder of AFA Group affirmed that the stock market at the end of the year is promising and attractive to new investors. However, he advises getting rid of the idea that making money in stocks is easy. “It is impossible for investors to expect a profit of 10%, 20% or double or triple assets within a few months,” the expert said.

The story of investors’ mistakes and the right direction for newcomers will be “dissected” more thoroughly by expert Long Phan in two eBox premiere videos “Taking stock profits – The secret to welcoming the wave at the end of the year for investors.” new”. Two premiere videos titled “Understanding the nature of securities to invest properly” and “Cheap stocks are really cheap” aired on the evening of November 25 and November 26, respectively.

In addition, the speaker also had a livestream session on the evening of November 27, interacting directly with viewers to analyze and forecast the stock market at the end of the year. The knowledge and experience accumulated over more than 20 years in the profession of expert Long Phan will help new investors understand the nature of securities, properly assess the market, thereby staying awake and avoiding unnecessary mistakes. worth having.

Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long analyzed many mistakes of F0 in 2 premiere videos.  Screenshots

Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long analyzed many mistakes of F0 in 2 premiere videos. Screenshots

Mr. Phan Le Thanh Long graduated with a Master’s degree from Monash (Australia) and has more than 20 years of experience in investment funds, large auditing and consulting firms. During his work, he used to hold the position of Director of consulting on business strategy, finance and management and control systems for large corporations such as Vingroup, Bitexco, Viettel, EVN,… banks and financial institutions such as MBB, BIDV, Vietinbank and a number of projects funded by WB, ADB, AFD, JICA.

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