Expected extension of 30% reduction of road use fees

The Ministry of Finance is drafting a Circular to reduce fees, including road use fees for automobiles for transportation business, until the middle of next year.

The Ministry of Finance has issued 5 circulars stipulating the reduction of 34 fees and charges, applicable until the end of this year. Recently, the Ministry of Finance has received a number of recommendations to continue extending the fee reduction deadline until next year due to the forecast that the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic is still evolving.

Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, on November 15, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai agreed to apply a shortened order and procedures to issue a circular to reduce fees and charges to support businesses and people.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance has just announced a new draft circular on the reduction of a number of fees and charges. The content will be on the basis of inheriting the rates of fees and charges that have been reduced in 2021, with the addition of a 50% reduction in the fee for granting certificates of technical safety and environmental protection. for motor vehicles and special-use motorcycles.

One of the 35 types of tolls expected to be reduced until June 30 next year, including: road use fees for transport business cars of enterprises, cooperatives, and transport business households. Cars for passenger transport business will be reduced by 30% of the toll rate according to current regulations. The reduction for trucks, special-use cars, and tractors is 10%.

If the automobile is changed from non-transportation business to transport business during the effective period of this Circular, the time of application of the reduction shall be counted from the date the automobile is recorded according to the inspection management program of the Registry Department.

A number of other fees such as fees for using railway infrastructure, fees in livestock, fees in the securities sector, etc. will also continue to be reduced by 50% until the middle of next year.

Quynh Trang


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