EVN proposes to remove difficulties for self-using rooftop solar power

EVN proposes that ministries and branches soon have regulations, mechanisms to bind responsibilities, connection procedures as well as regulations on construction safety with self-using rooftop solar power.

This proposal was made by the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) in the face of difficulties faced by investors in self-using rooftop solar power without connecting and generating electricity to the national system.

The group said that it has recently received many proposals from some investors and localities asking to connect the rooftop solar power system for self-consumption on-site, without generating electricity on the grid.

For example, Norsk Solar Vietnam Co., Ltd. wants to invest in rooftop solar power systems for industrial parks, factories, and commercial centers. Maruha Chemical Vietnam Co., Ltd. invests in rooftop solar power at the factory system for internal self-use. Or Tien Giang Department of Industry and Trade installs rooftop solar power at the office of 8 departments, branches and public administrative center of Tien Giang province…

Due to the lack of specific legal mechanisms and regulations, EVN is temporarily not implementing the agreement to connect these self-using rooftop solar power systems and waiting for instructions from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

According to this group, because rooftop solar power systems are installed within the scope of management of the investor, not under the management of corporations and power companies, if the investor does not approve, Developing self-contained rooftop solar power may cause negative reactions from them.

On the contrary, if EVN approves for investors, there is a risk because there is no clear legal basis. On the other hand, due to uncontrolled rooftop solar power systems, it can make it difficult to plan to mobilize existing power sources, ensure a balance between supply and demand in the operation of the national power system, especially in the central and southern regions.

In addition, when the customer’s rooftop solar power system fails and fails to meet the expected on-site use demand, a binding mechanism is required for the customer’s own risk.

A rooftop solar power project in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: EVNHCM

In that context, investors continuously suggested and in order to remove obstacles, this group suggested that the management agency soon have specific regulations on the mechanism of binding responsibility for self-risk, conditions, submission of documents. self-connecting procedures, installation standards… with self-use rooftop solar power system. In the immediate future, EVN proposes to prioritize installation in the Northern region.

Regarding the business registration procedure with investors and families with rooftop solar power, EVN also has recommendations to remove obstacles because each province currently requires different procedures.

As Long An province requires all rooftop solar power investors to register their business, of which Phu Yen, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang… do not require this procedure with rooftop solar power systems. has a turnover of less than 100 million VND a year.

To date, 104,294 rooftop solar power projects have been installed, with a total installed capacity of 9,581 MW.

Faced with this fact, EVN submitted to the Members’ Council for approval the guidance on registration procedures for rooftop solar power business for households and individuals. Accordingly, this group will pay for the purchase of electricity from the rooftop solar power system for households and individuals who are not required to register or supplement the rooftop solar power business.

For rooftop solar power investors who are required to register and supplement their business lines and provide information on having completed this procedure according to regulations.

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