Entrepreneurs want to contribute wisdom to economic recovery

Entrepreneurs wish to reopen safely and quickly and contribute intellectually to the program of economic recovery, promoting production and business.

This desire was raised by the business community during a meeting with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on the morning of October 12.

Given that this year’s Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day is celebrated in a different context than other years, when the epidemic has severely affected the socio-economic development, production and business of enterprises, the Prime Minister sent his thanks. Thank you to all businessmen for their contributions to the country’s economy.

Pham Tan Cong, Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), also acknowledged that this year was marked by unprecedented difficulties due to the impact of Covid-19, many businesses faced disruptions. production, market disruption, cash flow and labor.

The process of restoring production and business activities of enterprises under new normal conditions will certainly take many years. Therefore, businesses expect supporting mechanisms and policies to be stable and have an appropriate time limit.

“The business community and entrepreneurs want to make intellectual contributions to the overall recovery program at the national level as well as in industries and localities,” said Mr. Cong.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh, Chairman of CMC Group expressed his desire to reopen safely and quickly, to create conditions for businesses to recover and promote production and business.

Currently, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is being assigned by the Government to soon complete the economic recovery program and submit it to the Government in October.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh meets with entrepreneurs on Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day October 13, the morning of October 12 in Hanoi. Photo: VGP

The global economic picture in general and Vietnam in particular has gone through a tumultuous period with the negative impact of the pandemic. The piling up of difficulties puts many businesses at risk of bankruptcy. In that context, Vietnamese businesses have persistently found new directions and found solutions to maintain and develop their businesses. However, many entrepreneurs believe that their own efforts are not enough, and it is necessary for the Government to have policies, solutions, and create mechanisms and environments for them to overcome difficulties during and after the pandemic.

Chairman of Son Ha Group, Mr. Le Vinh Son suggested that the Government should immediately implement appropriate solutions on a large scale in the medium and long term, including restructuring the economy in line with changes in the world. post-pandemic; stimulate domestic consumption, ensure social security.

“I think it is necessary to stabilize fiscal policy, support businesses with enough capital to overcome difficulties; loosen conditions for businesses to be supported with money through credit packages, recover after the pandemic. Fiscal needs to be implemented with focus; supporting domestic investment and attracting foreign investment selectively,” said Mr. Son.

He also suggested the State Bank to operate interest rates flexibly, direct commercial banks to restructure debt repayment terms, postpone and reduce interest rates for loss-making businesses. It is recommended that the difference does not exceed 2.5% between the deposit interest rate, the amount of capital and the lending interest rate.

In addition, the Government should have solutions to support businesses to find new markets, avoiding dependence on one market. “We always have faith in the timely and effective direction and decisions of the Government. Today’s meeting is a great encouragement for businesses and entrepreneurs to overcome difficulties to recover from the pandemic.” , Mr. Son confirmed.

At the request of the business community, State Bank Governor Nguyen Thi Hong said that in the coming time, the banking system will continue to implement solutions to remove difficulties for businesses and people. But in order to ensure the safety of the banking system, to keep the macroeconomic stability… Ms. Hong hopes businesses will share in this process.

Regarding fiscal policy, Mr. Tran Xuan Ha, Deputy Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance said that he would continue to receive opinions from businesses and entrepreneurs to advise the Prime Minister on tax incentives. , ensuring that Vietnam has resources to support production and business.

Regarding the coordination between fiscal policy and monetary policy, we will work with the State Bank to study and report to the Prime Minister to consider the interest rate mechanism with banks borrowing enterprises with resources to boost production. business,” said Deputy Minister Tran Xuan Ha.

In the coming time, Mr. Ha said that it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the production and supply chain. This is not only domestic production and supply, but also connection with the external market. Solutions on supply, export and domestic consumption are very important. In the current context, encouraging domestic consumption is also necessary.

Along with that is to ensure that the cash flow is not interrupted, this has a connection between fiscal policy and monetary policy.

Sharing at the meeting, Mr. Le Dang Dung, Acting Chairman and General Director of Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) acknowledged that Vietnamese businesses understand that it is not anyone else, but themselves are the force. The main amount contributing to the budget, developing the country’s economy, contributing to the growth of Vietnam’s economy, how does Vietnam’s image come to the world…

Mr. Dung assessed, the Government has created a favorable business environment, businesses have the opportunity to carry out their mission. Many directives have been issued to promote the role of Vietnamese entrepreneurs, build a strong entrepreneurial team, and actively participate in global, regional and world value chains.

“The business community with the spirit of overcoming difficulties and the will to be self-reliant has contributed to the anti-epidemic strategy, efforts to adapt to the new situation, maintain the efficiency of production and business activities, and successfully realize the goal of the pandemic. double goal”, Viettel Chairman affirmed.

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