Enjoy the luxury SUV Lexus LX600 2022 more than 13 billion in Vietnam

Luxury SUVs New Lexus LX600 2022 is receiving great attention from domestic giants when it was introduced in April, but unfortunately, the genuine shipment has to wait until 2024 to be delivered to customers. Grasping the need to own LX600 as soon as possible, private car importers have brought home at least 2 Lexus LX600 2022 cars and are in the most advanced version.In which 1 car is silver and the Lexus LX600 2022 luxury The rest have black color, which is very popular on Lexus luxury SUV models. It is still not clear whether the new generation of privately imported Lexus LX600 cars have completed the customs clearance procedures, only know that the “thirst” to own the 2022 Lexus LX600 car of the Vietnamese giants is very hot.The new generation Lexus LX600 has many different versions such as Urban, F-Sport and Ultra Luxury, also known as VIP of genuine imported models. Of course, customers willing to play often choose the highest version to experience the “boss” feeling that is only available on Lexus LX600 Ultra Luxury 2022.The new generation Lexus LX600 luxury SUVs belong to the 4-seater version with the rear seats only having 2 independent seats, possessing a series of comfortable equipment for Presidents such as a separate dashboard that allows the passenger Rear seats adjust sun blinds, seat heating and cooling, reading lights, entertainment screens, air conditioning, interior lighting and many other VIP features.The leather seat material of the newly returned Lexus LX600 Ultra Luxury is also different from the rest. Highlights inside the new generation Lexus LX600 cockpit include a pair of 7-inch screens below and 12.3 inches above the center console, the car is equipped with 25 speakers from the Mark Levinson brand. high-class.In design, the 4th generation Lexus LX600 still uses a large spindle grille on the front of the car, but the radiator spokes have a new design, placed horizontally quite pitifully. The Lexus LX600 2022 luxury SUV is 200 kg lighter than the previous version thanks to a new chassis and aluminum doors.Level price of Lexus LX600 Ultra Luxury New arrivals are not disclosed, but will not be lower than the figure of 9.21 billion VND of genuine imported cars.Some information for sale said that the 4-seater version of the 4th generation Lexus LX600 under the private import category will be from more than 13 billion VND.The power of the luxury SUV Lexus LX600 2022 comes from the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 gasoline engine, producing a maximum capacity of 409 horsepower and maximum torque of 650 Nm.This heart will be combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission and the driving modes are Normal, ECO, Comfort, Sport S, Sport S + and Customize.Video: LX600 2022 – The spectacular makeover of the “new president” of the Lexus family.


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