Encourage the collective economy of large-scale, chain-based production

Cooperatives and unions of cooperatives are encouraged to accumulate land for large-scale and chain production, especially in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery.

The Central Executive Committee has just issued Resolution 20 on continuing to innovate, develop and improve the efficiency of the collective economy in the new period.

The Central Government has determined that the collective economy (cooperative groups, cooperatives, unions of cooperatives…) is an important component that must be consolidated and developed together with the state economy and become the foundation of the country’s economy. economy. Collective economic development is an inevitable trend in the context of international integration, in line with the market economy.

There are many preferential policies on land, finance, credit, science and technology… proposed by the Central Government to encourage collective economic development. In particular, collective economic organizations are encouraged to accumulate land for production and business, especially in the agricultural sector, to form a production chain, provide processing services and consume agricultural products. forestry and fishery on a large scale. At the same time, arrange land funds for collective economic organizations to rent, reasonable incentives in terms of land rental price and duration.

To achieve the above goal, the Central Government requested the management agencies and localities to amend and perfect mechanisms and policies to encourage and support the collective economic development.

Growing melons in a greenhouse in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai. Photo: Phuoc Tuan

On the part of collective economic organizations, the Resolution also stated the requirement to improve the efficiency of operations and production in order to completely handle the backlogs, such as prolonged debt, review and rearrange the cooperatives that are not effective…

Resolution 20 sets a target that by 2030, the whole country will have about 140,000 cooperative groups, 45,000 cooperatives, and 340 unions of cooperatives. There are more than 5,000 cooperatives applying high technology. Of these, there must be at least 50% of cooperatives, cooperative groups… associated with value chains.

By 2045, strive to attract at least 20% of the population to join collective economic organizations. All of these organizations must apply technology and digital transformation in production and business to achieve the goal of over 90% of cooperatives and cooperative groups… to operate effectively, of which at least 75% are involved. production by chain link.

In addition, by 2045, Vietnam will have at least 3 collective economic organizations in the ranking of 300 largest global cooperatives recognized by the International Union of Cooperatives (ICA). Collective economic organizations all apply technology, especially digital transformation, into production, business and service activities.

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