Encourage investment in developing modern markets, ensuring food safety

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the formulation of a Decree amending and supplementing the Government’s Decree on market development and management aims to overcome problems and shortcomings arising from practical implementation and improvement. Legal framework for market development and management. At the same time, taking advantage of all resources to create conditions for developing a network of markets in the direction of civilization, modernity, ensuring food safety, being an effective channel of consumption, connecting production and consumption.

It is expected that the draft Decree will amend and supplement a number of articles of Decree 02/2003 / ND-CP on policies to support investment in market development (from the state budget); preferential policies, encouragement to attract investment in market construction … to suit the current actual situation.

Specifically, with regard to the policy on investment in market construction, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to amend this policy in the direction of not specifying the type of market that is invested from the local budget, allowing the locality to balance itself. with respect to the investment budget, the urgency must comply with the provisions of the law on public investment.


Amend regulations on policies to encourage market development investment of all economic sectors, without specific reference, so investment in market development of economic sectors is entitled to investment incentives and credit policy, investment socialization policy in accordance with current regulations.

At the same time, additional regulations on mobilization must have a specific, public plan, approved by the People’s Committee of competent authorities, considering giving the percentage of capital mobilized first in the total construction investment. erect …

Policy: Regarding the market construction investment project and the arrangement of works within the market area: To protect interests, support traders doing business in the market affected by the rebuilding investment process. or renovating, upgrading, overhauling, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes as follows:

For markets that have been rebuilt or renovated, upgraded or overhauled that affect traders’ business in markets, investors must develop plans to support relocation and arrangement of temporary markets and arranging business in temporary market during construction investment; business arrangement plan at the market after construction, renovation and submission to the competent level People’s Committee for approval. Before that, the investor had to publicly announce to the traders doing business at the market to contribute their opinions, create a high consensus, help the investor to complete the plan …

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